5x Crafts for Sinterklaas

He's coming, he's coming
that sweet good Saint,
My dear friend,
Your dear friend,
The friend of every child

It would be great if the Saint feels welcome when he comes! That's why we have a few nice Sinterklaas handicrafts. It is also a party for Sinterklaas when he comes to fill the shoes at night.


Buy a wreath of straw at the store. We also need spreading, yum! That joy is quickly taken away, because we do not eat the straw. So keep some secret behind, so that you can still make your grunting belly happy.
Do you have a glue gun? Very nice, this device comes in very handy. Stick the wreath full of spreading material. Hang him at the front door. Every time you come out of school you will see this delightful wreath hanging again.

Banquet Bar

The nice thing about tinkering is that it can be anything. Although this falls under the heading of baking. I always find it a fun activity where they are also creative. Making a banquet bar.
What do you need (for about 20 pieces)

β€’ 150 grams of dark brown caster sugar
β€’ 300 grams of self-raising flour
β€’ 5 tsp of speculaas spices
β€’ A pinch of salt
β€’ 125 grams of cold hard butter
β€’ 7-8 tbsp milk
β€’ 250 grams of almond paste
β€’ 20 grams of water
β€’ cover egg + milk before
β€’ half almonds for garnishing


Mix self-raising flour, sugar, gingerbread spices and salt. Add the butter and milk and knead it into a solid ball. Start with 7 tablespoons of milk, if the dough turns out to be too stiff you can add an extra tablespoon of milk. Keep the dough in the fridge for a moment, then the taste is more intense. How long? If you have the time, preferably a whole day.
Divide the speculaas into two parts, a larger and smaller part. You roll out the largest part into an elongated cloth to cover the greased form.

Mix the almond paste with the water. Spread the almond paste evenly over the bottom. Roll out the smaller part into a cloth to cover the shape. Beat a bite and add some milk to it. This gives a nice sheen and prevents sheets from coming on the speculaas, that happens when you use only egg to grease. Smear the speculaas with the egg mixture. This is where creativity comes into play. Give your child the almonds and decorate the banquet bar.
Then bake it for 40 minutes at 180 degrees.


Is baking not really your thing? A pack of Koopmans is also sufficient. Then you immediately have lots of ingredients together. Follow the recipe and you're done. Is baking really really not your thing? They are of course also for sale at the local bakery. Also tasty! Especially if you warm them up in the oven beforehand.

Black Pete

Zwarte piet can not be missed. And leave aside instructions for this craftwork. Put paper, scissors, diamonds, beads, crepe paper, glue, pencils and many other craft items on the table. The assignment: Make a piet. Then let their imagination run free. It is very good not to say anything. This is how they come up with the most brilliant ideas you had not come up with as an adult. Do you let me know what kind of a black piet originated at your home?


Print a picture of Amerigo and decorate it with all kinds of crêpe paper. Easy to do for the little ones. Great for the big to perform. Challenge them more by saying that no green plug can be attached to another group of wads. And that also applies to purple, orange, red, blue, yellow and so on.


Are not you a creative miep yourself? Gives nothing, you can not have everything. The supermarkets are favorable to you. Many supermarkets offer craft packages in the period that Sinterklaas is in the country. Often there is also a reward attached. The shoe that you have made is filled in the night. Happy children, happy, less-creative mum. Win win.

Window pins

Window pins. Ever heard of it? These are special pens that you can draw on the window. Of course you can color with every pen on the window. But these markers are clearly visible. And .... there it comes: the windows are easy to clean. The craft idea you can probably guess: Make a beautiful Sinterklaas drawing with the whole family together. Children find it fantastic to do something that normally is not allowed. And if mom and dad then also take part. Then the party is complete.

I'm sure the Saint will come to you. The only question is whether he is still leaving. Because I would know. Who is going away from that cheerful window, that colored Amerigo and that delicious bar?


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