Think about it

To think: 'You can try to stop the waves, but you can learn to surf better.'
Think about it. Did you hear about it? What exactly is 'thinking about'?

The definition

The website gives the following definition: Ommenken is a thinking technique to change problems in possibilities.

'Thinking around' is therefore a technique not to see bears on your path, but rather challenges. In fact, there are no problems with rethinking, so nothing can be solved. What used to be seen as a 'problem' becomes a 'possibility' with rethinking. You can train yourself in it. Practice and learn. A life without problems sounds pretty pleasant.

With thinking you look at reality as it is and what you could do with it. You experience it not as a problem but as an opportunity and use the energy of the problem for something new. The founder is Berthold Gunster, author of, among other things 'Yes-but what if everything works' and 'Huh?! ... the technique of thinking around'.

An example

Your son makes everyone crazy to tell his unbridled energy jokes. Everyone becomes a pile of it. Well you can try to correct your son, press into a straitjacket and make sure he changes but ... how big is the chance that this will really work? And then again in a way that is pleasant for everyone, including my son?
With 'thinking over' you do not solve the problem but make it a possibility. Your son is crazy about jokes? Fine! Let him make his profession. Encourage him, let him develop his talent and give him all the space.

An example from practice

The hour schedule had changed at school. The result was that the playing time of the children had become shorter. And so a problem arose, because for Mark - a pupil with multiple disabilities - he always had to spend a lot of time getting him out of his wheelchair, getting dressed and putting him back in his wheelchair. The assistant teacher therefore suggested that Mark remain in the classroom for this short period.

Initially, this seemed to be the only possibility for one of the classmates, Elke, suggested that Mark's coat should be pulled backwards, so that all technical work with the wheelchair would be superfluous. "What will the other children say?" A classmate replied, "will not he look crazy with that coat backwards?" This question brought Elke to the proposal that not only Mark, but also all other children in the class would wear their coat backwards.
So said, done that way. That day not only Mark and all the children of his class, but also the teacher and the assistant teacher came out with the jacket backwards. It produced a bizarre, humorous and moving image. And Mark? He beamed. Of course.

Anouk Liebrand Koru Konsult

How does it work?

You are the first of the problem to be a fact. The step from 'yes but' (it is not what it should be) to 'yes and' (it is, what it is). Then you look at what new possibilities have arisen, when you accept the facts and can say 'yes' to reality completely.

Thinking around is a technique that consists of two steps.


Make the problem a fact. You do this by removing the 'what-should-be' from the problem and then you automatically have a 'it-is-what-it-is' about.


Transforming existing facts into a new possibility.

In our example of the joke-tapping boy:
Fact = He can tell good jokes.
Possibility = Let him become a cabaret artist.

Berthold Gunster

Theater maker and director Berthold Gunster started in 1996 with Ja-maar. His idea was to develop an interactive theater and training program under this title. It had to become a mixture of cabaret, theater, reading and interaction with the audience. Anno 2012 Ja-maar has grown to an organization with about 20 employees, including a large number of trainers and actors. The core of Berthold Gunster's philosophy is to teach people to 'think about'.


And now?

Do not expect results from one day to the next. If you think differently all your life, it has not suddenly changed. Do not expect miracles. It is often a matter of persevering before a goal is reached. It goes with trial and error. Nothing goes without saying, nothing will be thrown into your lap. You can give your life a positive turn, but 'thinking around' does not give you a new life.
Key concepts: perseverance, perseverance, determination and practice.

Accept reality, strengthen it and respect it. Then put your teeth in because only with perseverance you create new possibilities, focus on the things you want and take the opportunity as the starting point of all decisions.

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