Pregnancy calendar - Week 9

How big?

Length± 3 cm
Weight± 2 grams
Information about the photo
This beautifully translucent front view of the fetus shows that the underside of the vertebrae develops into the lower bones of the back.


Your baby is complete; all body parts and organs are present, but of course everything has not yet been developed. He already has a real nose and the fingers and toes are starting to form. From now on, new large organs will no longer be formed, but the organs will continue to develop. The eyes are fully developed but are still covered with tissue. This week the formation of the skeleton begins. Although the gender is already established right after the conception, it is not yet possible to determine from the outside whether it will be a boy or a boy, because the genital organs will only be constructed later.


The hormones can make you feel rather tired. From the fourth month, this will be better. You can now carry out a double test. This test serves for the detection of chromosomal abnormality (Down syndrome). The test is done through a blood test. Herein the content of PAPP-A and hCG is examined. The test offers no diagnosis, but only a probability calculation. The result is known within a week. (preferred test: week 10 or 11)


Become a member of a cross association. Through this association you can later rent things for the home birth. But even if you need other medical help attributes, you can often contact them. Bloated feeling? Pay attention to your diet and eat as few products as possible that provide extra gas, such as boiling, leeks, onions, kidney beans and carbonated drinks.
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