10 Low budget tips for when the sun is shining!

Is there a heatwave in the Netherlands, you're just short of cash! No worries, fortunately there are countless things you can do with a tight purse when the sun is shining. We selected the 10 best low budget tips for when the sun is shining!

1. Picnicking in the park

Virtually every (nearby) city has a nice city park where children can play. Or maybe you live close to the beach or the forest: only more fun! Take a nice picnic basket or cool box with packets of drinks, homemade wraps with hummus and vegetables, hard boiled eggs, fruit skewers, sandwiches or a quiche that you put together the day before. Do not forget that bottle of rosé: can you and your lover nicely chat while the kids are having fun with a football or badminton set!

2. Forest walk with treasure hunt

Do you live near a forest or city park? Very nice, in the shade of the trees you will find cooling. Put a nice treasure hunt and take bottles of water and enough snacks. The children will certainly like it!

3. Splash in the outdoor pool

Is your home town blessed with an outdoor swimming pool? You can also cool off during the heat. A ticket often costs less than 5 euros per person and you are sweet all day long. Take sandwiches and drinks with you, so you save on fries, ice cream and soft drinks in the cafeteria of the pool. Inflatable animals and swimming rings and go with that banana! Are you really broke, or would you rather spend your money differently? Then look for an outdoor swimming location in natural water as a canal or a lake. Check in advance whether there is blue algae, of course. This can be done at www.zwemwater.nl.

4. Mobilize your neighbors for a neighborhood barbecue

Chances are you do not know all the residents of your own street. More and more people move, so many neighborhoods have changing residents. And of course a lot of newcomers have also joined in recent years. You probably have a small barbecue somewhere in the shed, and your neighbors will. Mobilize all your neighbors by means of a beautiful homemade letter that you distribute door-to-door in your street for a neighborhood barbecue. Theme: American party (salient detail: the Americans call this a Dutch party). That is, everyone takes a self-prepared dish that everyone can taste. You can get acquainted with the cooking skills of that new Syrian neighbor. In some municipalities you can apply for a budget for such a neighborhood party. With this you can, for example, rent a bouncy cushion for the children.

5. On to the petting zoo

Children's farms are often free. What is stopping you? Pack your kids, a few bottles of water and eat your sandwiches between the sheep, kids and chickens!

6. Game afternoon in the garden or on your balcony

Success guaranteed. Requirements: your child (ren), any partner, a garden or balcony with table and sufficient seating, all board games you have in the cupboard, a family bag of chips and a bottle of cola.

7. Take a video

Admission tickets for a fun movie in the bios do not really cost that much. What makes a movie theater so expensive is the soft drink and the popcorn. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed, but secretly almost everyone does it. Take a backpack with some pre-cooled cans of soft drinks and a tasty bag of popcorn. Of course, the sun does not have to shine to go to the cinema, but if it really can not be outdone outside, you will certainly find shade and air conditioning here!

8. SocialDeal is your best friend

Do not have the SocialDeal app yet? Then install this handy app as the wiedeweerga! SocialDeal collects the best deals in your area. These can be restaurants or day-trips, but also day trips and amusement parks. All with big discounts, sometimes even for less than half the original price. So get your battle and score those summer outings!

9. Markets & Fairs

Flea markets and fairs are there in the summer. You buy nice second-hand things for a snack, but the friendly atmosphere is priceless. For a small fee you can roam around for a few hours. Often in such markets there is also plenty to do for kids.

10. Water balloon fight!

This costs (on a pack of water balloons and some tap water after) really he-le-times nothing! And it's fun for young and old: an old-fashioned water balloon fight. Blow your kids, partner or of course unsuspecting passersby. Dropping in time!

What do you do when the sun shines and you are short of cash?

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