Potty training - Challenge or adventure?

The mountain diapers in the shopping cart, you have seen now. And when you use cotton diapers, you also want to get rid of that huge mountain. Time for the potty training, but how are you going to tackle this? And how do you react to accidents? What should you pay attention to? Or can you also sit on top too much?

The do's and donts from the potty training! Challenge or adventure?

Potty training - Tips

Tip 1

The most important: Is your child already ready? That is different for every child, of course, but you know your child best. But before you begin, your child must be physically ready. Up to about 15 months, urinating and defecating is 'just by itself'. With about a year and a half, you can start practicing. Generally children are only after a second birthday to a more frequent use of the jar. But this also varies per child.

Signals that may indicate that he is ready:

1) you discover a regularity in his pee and / or puffy diapers
2) he starts to find diapers annoying
3) he indicates more and more that something is coming

Tip 2

Do not stress immediately when things are not going well. Accidents are part of it. Just keep in mind by bringing extra clothing when you go out. You can try to avoid it, by paying attention when your child starts to wobble a bit. This may be an indication that it needs to pee. Even if it says that it really does not have to ...

Tip 3

Reward always works better than punishment. So reward your child when he goes to the potty. Something good, it always works well. A beautiful new underpants can also work wonders, but do not assume that these underpants are guaranteed to stay dry. Eventually it does not matter to your child what he is wearing. If he needs to pee, he has to pee.

Tip 4

Is he sitting on the pot once? Then give him all the time. In some cases that may seem like an 'eternity', especially when he just continues playing his game. But what does it matter? Let him sit, with a bit of luck it gets a positive result. And that's what matters.

Tip 5

Nothing wrong with being exposed. Does he rent in his bare hole from the pot, nothing wrong with that? Provided he has not just pooped, you obviously want him to have clean buttocks before he plunges on your white couch.

Tip 6

Go with him to the toilet. Take it with you if you have to pee yourself. Children like to copy, explain to him what you are doing. Maybe he will copy you ...! You can put the jar in the toilet and whenever your child indicates that he has to pee or poop, you bring him here. Does he not make the trip to the toilet? Too bad. Keep it going, because in the end it just goes well. Reward him if things went well.

Tip 7

Make it a party. Are you going to start? Discuss this with him in advance and make it a great experience, together. For example, buy nice underwear together. He will find that very tough! And there is such cute underwear for sale. Maybe with his great hero. That hero can help him to achieve great results.

I want to play!

In the beginning it might be interesting for your child to be allowed on his potty. After all, it is something new again, but there will undoubtedly be a moment when he prefers to continue playing. Then make sure that the pot is interesting for him. For example, you can buy a booklet about toilet training and read about it together with him. Is fun too!

Spring and summer

Spring and summer are of course the ideal seasons to start with the potty training. He will walk into his bare bottom much more often during that period. If something comes up, your child will notice that much faster. Handy to play on!

Different possibilities

Of course there is the well-known pot (which, incidentally, is available in many different versions), but of course you can also opt for an eyeglass box, which you place on your own toilet. Well, a regular toilet is often too high for your toddler, you can of course fix that with a step.

Day and night

Being tidy during the day is a bit different than getting through the night dry. During the day your child may have been without diapers for a while, but at night many children are only after their fourth birthday. Staying dry at night is just a bit trickier. During the day you can be active with him, but at night this is not possible. It is best to let him pee before going to sleep, not to drink again just before (about an hour) going to bedtime and if you go to bed yourself, you can also wake him up to urinate.


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