Read a book day

Today is 'Read a book day'. That is a bit different than World Book Day (23 April), the Children's Book Week (October) or the National Reading Breakfast (January). No, this is something else. This is 'Read a book day'. I have tried to find out what it is exactly, but I have not been able to discover it. Apparently not so much attention is paid to this day and it is snowed under by all those other 'book days'.

Reading is good for you

Did you know that reading is very good for your brain? It is really much better than watching TV. Reading reduces stress and therefore also your blood pressure. Reading even reduces the risk of dementia or Alzheimer's. It increases your vocabulary, it improves your focus, your memory and analytical thinking. You may be fond of multitasking, but your brain loves single-tasking. Moreover, reading is also very nice. No annoying advertising or annoying cliffhangers that only make your brain bounce anymore.

For the singles among us: Did you know that by reading a book before bedtime, you feel less lonely? You become part of another world, you are no longer alone. Scientists have proven that reading works well against stress. By reading at least six minutes every day, your stress can decrease by more than 60%.

So why do I still read too little for my feeling?

Loves reading

I love to read and I would prefer to read a piece every day, but I do not know how it is with you, but it usually comes with me. To be able to read, I have to have peace in my head and I only have that during my vacation. Otherwise I am too busy in my head to remember everything that I have to do that day. Stupid actually, because I often sit in my own tail to bite. It would be better to consciously take that moment, grab a book and thus force your moment of rest.

There are a few ways for that, to grab such a moment anyway. Maybe we should just give it a try. That pile of books next to your bed may also start to take on monstrous forms. Here in any case.

Tips for reading more

Tip 1: focus

Read only one book at a time. It is important that you can fully immerse yourself in the story. You can not do that if you are playing around with several books at the same time.

Tip 2: take him

Take your book everywhere you go. To the doctor, the dentist, your in-laws, your bed, et cetera. You will be amazed at how many moments lend themselves to grab your book. A day knows so many of those short, useless moments. For example, do not forget the gym or during your workout. No idea how to do this? Well, think about an audiobook! You can listen to music, but you can also listen to an audiobook. How chill is that!

Tip 3: nothing smart

Leave that smartphone in your bag, on the table, in the kitchen, but away from you. That smart phone or tablet eats up so much time, time that you can fill with reading ... and that is really much more relaxing than compulsive to follow those latest messages on social media. Really, you miss nothing if you do not look at them. The world just keeps going and tomorrow there will be just such a load of messages ready for you. Just as if today never existed.

Tip 4: calm around you

Try to find a quiet spot when you read. Just a break, a moment for yourself. A nice cup of coffee with it, maybe even a relaxed music, so it will be a wonderful moment of indulgence. Refueling, just nothing, just you. And of course you book. To these moments you will really desire during the hectic! Especially if you ask them more often for yourself!

Tip 5: reading club

Maybe you also have reading friends? Direct a reading club together and discuss and share books with each other. That makes reading cheaper and motivates to get that book faster. Your friends also read further ...

Good intention

I will definitely try to get a book more often. I know how well it does me and how wonderful I find it. It's pretty crazy that I make so little time for that. The crazy thing is, once I 'sit in a book', or rather 'in the story', then I have no problem at all getting that book, no matter how short the moments are. But to start a new book, I find that difficult. Then unfortunately I grab my smartphone earlier in those short moments. And when I look deeply into my heart, I do not really want to. That smartphone is rather a habit than that I really get my relaxation from it. Okay, the good intention to grab a book more often is made.

Now only keep myself to it.

Video: How to Read a Book a Day. Jordan Harry. TEDxBathUniversity

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