10 Christmas tips! Make it a cozy get-together!

Christmas is not only about food and gifts, on the contrary. It is all about social gathering. But with all that holiday stress you would almost forget how to do that. You want to do it all so well ... preferably perfect. Let that idea sail right away.

Perfection is often hidden in the loving acceptance of imperfection. Accepting that it may not go as it should and laugh at each other for things that might go wrong. If you have fun with each other, then that scorched turkey tastes delicious. Just a matter of something more sauce over it.

How can you have fun with each other? We have ten cozy Christmas tips for you!

1) Christmas movie

With dot on number one, look together at a nice Christmas movie. Especially at Christmas, these can be found on TV or Netflix, but a DVD or blu-ray is also fine. The advantage of such feelgoodChristmas movie: you are immediately put in the right mood!

2) Lekkersssss!

If you are so cozy together, then pour a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream for everyone. Of course with something tasty, because it is a public holiday! So today it is allowed!

3) Make it yourself

You can of course also make the treat yourself! Cozy baking cookies together or decorating cupcakes! Or other special Christmas sweets. Most children like this very much! Especially if they can and may relish afterwards.

4) Board game

Play a fun board game with each other. You are then actively engaged with each other in a fun way. Think of old-fashioned Ganzenbord or Monopoly, but of course there are all sorts of new games that you can play with each other!

Spelledip: Leo has to go to the hairdresser.

5) On step!

During the Christmas season there are often all kinds of activities to do with each other, such as the Christmas circus, a Christmas market or nativity scene, a museum, a skating rink or a round trip. A little time for each other and with each other!

6) Christmas songs

Christmas songs sing around the tree, with each other. Who knows the most Christmas songs? Nice to sing this together!

7) Reading aloud

Reading aloud is and remains fun for young and old. Or rather: read out. Look for a good book in advance, a beautiful Christmas story like A Cristmas Carol from Dickens. Christmas lights on, candles on. How pleasant is such a gathering.

8) Crafts

All together around the table to make nice Christmas crafts. For example, make beautiful Christmas balls in the tree, Christmas decorations to hang or put down or nice snow globes. Children always like tinkering.

9) Right focus

They are not expensive items that make us happy, but it is the people around us. Enjoy these beautiful moments, enjoy each other. Let go of your work, but focus these days as much as possible on the people who are important to you. Do not be distracted by smartphones or tablets. Everything just keeps going, if you are not available for a moment. It's about the here and now.

10) Enjoy!

Do not be fooled, but try to enjoy the holidays as much as possible. It is not intended to consume all your energy, you should get energy from the social gathering. It is not a competition for the most beautiful set table or the most culinary masterpiece. Do not be fooled, just enjoy each other. Do not let someone else decide how you should celebrate your Christmas, but just do it the way you like! Then no slick photo on Instagram. What does that matter to you!

Do not give burglars a cozy Christmas

Are not you at home with Christmas? Make sure that there is enough lighting in your house. Close the curtains a bit so you can not look inside from the street. Turn on the TV or a radio if necessary, so that there is music or sound. Because burglars celebrate Christmas in a very different way. They know that if you are not at home around dinnertime, you will certainly be dining at a large table and they will have all the time to empty your house. So make sure it looks like you are at home!

Additional safety tips

1) Provide good locks.
2) Do not place on social media that you are not at home.
3) Make sure it looks like you're at home from the street.
4) Safely store valuables (safe).
5) Remove potential tools from the garden (objects where burglars can climb)
6) Provide good lighting in the garden.
7) If you have good contact with the neighbors, make sure they know you are gone.
8) Switch on your answering machine.

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