Pregnancy calendar - Week 25

How big?

Length± 32.5 cm
Weight± 650 grams
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As the bones become stronger, the baby moves more and more. The spine consists of about 150 joints and 1000 bands.


Your baby's lungs are not yet ripe and he is not really ready to be born yet. Your child still has to grow a lot, become bigger and stronger.


Your stomach can get a bit in the way, because of this you can get some problems with ailments. It can also happen that a little milk comes out of your breasts. Maybe you also suffer from exercise pains (hard bellies)? Hard bellies can also be a sign of fatigue, so do not take too much hay on your fork and ensure sufficient rest.

Hard bellies

Your uterus regularly contracts during your pregnancy. From the fourth to fifth month, these exercise contractions increase. This is very normal: your uterine muscles also have to train for the big work later on. Your belly then feels like a hard ball. A 'hard belly' can occur if you suddenly get up, bend or tilt, but also if you have been busy. Also a full bladder or an orgasm can stimulate the uterus enough to contract. Sometimes a 'hard belly' can be a bit painful, but usually you notice very little of it.


Start by ordering the baby room. On many articles there is a delivery time of 6 (and sometimes more) weeks. It would be a shame if your things would not be in time anymore.
Treat yourself with comfortable clothing.
Turn the overview off, 'When do you arrange what?'

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