Pregnancy calendar - Week 16

How big?

Length± 15 cm
Weight± 120 grams
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After the first three months, the priorities of the fetus are no longer a rapid development, but a rapid growth.


Your baby is pedaling with his feet and waving his hands. He is now completely covered with downy hair and this remains until the 37th week. It is also covered with skin grime, which protects him against infections and softening through the amniotic fluid. His fingers and toes are now getting nails and vocal chords have developed.


Around this time, the pregnancy ailments often stop. Maybe you just by all hormones feel better (and stronger) than ever. This week is the last week that you can collect urine for Mothers for mothers.
From week 14 to week 18 it is possible to detect all abnormal numbers of chromosomes and check them for Spina bifida through a amniocentesis. With a thin needle, some amniotic fluid is removed from the uterus via the abdominal wall. In the cells of the amniotic fluid there is more reliable information about the chromosomes. By measuring a certain protein, Spina bifida can be determined. The test is very reliable and can prove Down syndrome with 100% certainty. There is a risk for your child from 0.5 to 1%. The result is known within two to three weeks for chromosomal abnormalities. Any neural tube defects are already known after five days.


If you suffer from thick feet, you can put them a little higher at night to drain away the moisture.
Is it not yet time for maternity wear?
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