Contact lenses or glasses?

When you have to choose between wearing glasses or wearing contact lenses, it can still be a difficult choice. After all, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Glasses can be hip & intelligent, but fair is fair: it is not good for everyone. You do not see contact lenses. You do not have to get used to your new appearance with glasses. The technology has also improved in recent years in such a way that lenses nowadays are very comfortable to wear. Glasses or contact lenses: what suits you best? We list the pros and cons of both for you.


You will not change your appearance by wearing lenses. Unless you choose color lenses with which you suddenly go from blue to green eyes. Glasses, however, are available in different models, colors and designs. It can be difficult to find glasses that fit your face shape. In many people the eyes are less noticeable by wearing glasses. And that is a shame, because your eyes are one of the most important eye-catchers of your face! In addition, not everyone likes it that others immediately see that something is wrong with your eyes. Lenses are more subtle in that respect: nobody knows you are wearing them, except you.


Glasses do not always wear comfortably. Eventually, of course it does, but still. The lenses of today are of excellent quality. In terms of wearing comfort, contact reading has improved considerably in recent years. And although you put on glasses like that while inserting lenses requires some practice, it is an act you have learned in such a way. Once you have mastered it, inserting lenses is not more difficult than snaring your laces.

Types of contact lenses

You already knew that there are glasses in different shapes and sizes. But did you know that there are countless types of lenses? When you know your harvesting strength, you can choose between daily lenses, weekly lenses, monthly lenses and even half-yearly lenses. There are also color lenses with or without strength in all kinds of colors. This way you can easily create a new look. Do you have an astigmatic eye disorder? Then you opt for toric lenses. Multifocal lenses are also possible nowadays. Afraid that you suffer from dry or sensitive eyes when you wear lenses? Then go for silicone hydrogel lenses. These have been specially developed for such complaints.


Purchase contact lenses? Then you also need to buy eyeglass. This liquid is also available in various types. Eyeglass fluid cleanse your lenses and ensure that you do not get annoying symptoms when you insert your contact lenses. Some types of eyeglass have an antibacterial effect, others are specially developed for sensitive or dry eyes and others are suitable for soft or hard lenses.

Buy lenses online

Ordering cheap online contact lenses and eyeglass solutions is done quickly and easily. Do you know your harvest strength? Then you do not have to leave the door for it anymore. Are you not sure whether lenses are something for you? Then you order a set of trial lenses for a tiny price? The possibilities are endless. The threshold of ordering online lenses is also lower than going to an optician and having a pair of glasses fitted.


You are never too young or too old to wear lenses! Some people have the bias that lenses are reserved only for people in a certain age group. We take this argument with pleasure from the table. Lenses are for everyone. Young & old.


Glasses must match your own style. You do not bother with lenses. Nobody sees you wearing them. Of course you can also alternate wearing lenses with wearing glasses. That is not a problem at all.

Final conclusion

Glasses can be hip and easy to put on, but as far as we are concerned, the lenses really win in this battle. The lenses of today are so incredibly comfortable that you do not even notice that you wear them. In addition, lenses are available for all types of eyes and different eye defects. It is also nice that your appearance does not change through lenses, as is the case with glasses. And that lenses can be ordered quickly and easily online also helps a hand: that saves a trip to the optician. The final conclusion is that glasses are fun and hip, but lenses are really the bomb!

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