Pregnancy calendar - Week 7

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The heart is already starting to look like that of an adult person.


He is already starting to shape himself into a person with clear arms and legs. There are swimming membranes between fingers and toes. The heart is now completely finished and it's already right. It's already strong enough to pump blood cells through the body. His heart now has four rooms. The brains are already functioning and the lips, nostrils and tongue are already formed. The spinal cord and the brain are now almost completely laid out.


Because of the hormones you can be pretty nauseous and your mood can change quickly. The hormones can also cause you to suffer more from acne. Fortunately, this will have disappeared in many cases after the third month.
A vaginal echo is now possible. On this is the beating heart to see. Such an echo is only done if there is a reason for it.
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A snack of vanilla custard can help against heartburn. Of course you can also go to the doctor for a safe remedy.
You can use some extra calcium to build up the bones of the baby. Try to drink a few glasses of milk a day. Not a lover of milk? Then yogurt, custard or curd cheese is a good alternative.
Vitamin D helps to better absorb calcium from food.
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A pregnancy diary is fun for now and for later!
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