Stains from children's clothing

Little children mess. There is not much to do, but it is of course quite a shame when his new, trendy outfit is worn under the tomato ketchup after one time wearing. How on earth do you get that out? Or blood stains. Mud? Grass? Not everything is removed by a washing machine. Sometimes it takes a little more. We give tips!

Grass spots

These annoying and stubborn green spots are best removed with detergent or green soap. The stain can also be removed with soda. After this treatment you can simply put the garment in the washing machine.

Chocolate stains

Delicious to eat, but it gives nasty stains. However, you can tackle the stain by keeping the garment under the hot water. The chocolate will melt and disappear.
Another tip is to put some milk on the chocolate stain before you put it in the washing machine.

Red fruit

Very healthy, very tasty but it gives nasty stains! Fortunately, you can remove most stains with a little lemon juice. Make the stain a little wet and pour some lemon juice over it. Is it very persistent? Let the garment dry in this way in the sun.
However, you must do this treatment immediately and not after you have used soap. The stains can turn blue through the soap.

Blood stains

Treat blood stains only with cold water. So no hot or hot water. The heat causes the blood to clot and the stain becomes hard. In addition to cold water, you can also put some kitchen salt on it.

Grease stains

Lubricate the grease stain with some washing-up liquid before putting it in the washing machine. The washing program then does the job. You can also dab the stain with some lemon instead of washing up liquid. After dabbing some kitchen salt over it and also the stain will pull away. Just retract and knock out.

Banana stain

Rub the stain with some ox gall soap and a splash of stain remover. You can also rub the stain with some toothpaste before you put it in the washing machine.
Appearance: remove the black seeds from the banana, because these are the real culprits!

Chewing gum

Spread the place with peanut butter. If it is good, rub the chewing gum out of the clothes. You can also choose to put the garment in the freezer overnight. The next day you rub off the chewing gum.


You cuddle your baby just before you leave the house. Ojee, lipstick! How do you get that out of his clothes again. It is better to remove the lipstick as soon as possible. Pull the garment out and pat the stain with a little petrol. It is best to dab with a clean wad over and over again. Dab as often with a clean cotton ball until there is no color left on the cotton ball. Throw the garment into the laundry.

Felt tip pen

Nice colors! But rather only on paper. It is best to remove a pen stain with a little spirit or toothpaste on the stain. Then rinse with water and possibly the washing machine.

Tomato stains

Very tasty, it is processed in a lot of dishes but it gives annoying stains. A fresh tomato stain is easier to remove than an old one. So it is best to immediately take off the clothes and get started with them.
Wet the stain with a little water and drop some lemon juice. Let it briefly withdraw and then rinse with lukewarm water. After this it can simply be done.

Poo and pee

Sometimes something goes wrong with the diaper and the garment is covered with poo or pee. Can happen. Fortunately, you can remove poepvlekken by soaking the garment in a little water with soda. You can also apply some detergent to the stains before the garment goes into the wash. Did you know that the spots also disappear by drying them in the sun?
Clothes with urine stains are best rinsed in cold water. Then spray some Shout, Vanish or rinse aid on the stain. Then in the washing machine.

Acrylic paint

Once the paint has dried, there is still little to do, but if the paint is still wet! Act fast! Use a lot of water on the stain and apply some detergent. You can possibly use a sponge to clean the stain clean. Then immediately into the washing machine!

The old soaps

The effect of green soap and ossegas soap are still excellent. Most stains can be removed with this soap. Ossegal soap even gets old stains out of your clothes. First rub with this soap before you throw it in the washing machine.
These soaps are certainly not expensive, only a bit difficult to come by.

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