Buying a new washing machine: here you pay attention!

Every now and then it is necessary: ​​buy a new washing machine. Especially when you have (small) children in your house, your washing machine is working overtime. It is therefore important that you purchase a decent copy. It is also good to pay attention to energy efficiency. This is not only good for our climate, but especially for your energy bill at the end of the year. But what do you pay attention to when buying a good washing machine? And what do you do if you have a small budget?

Here you keep in mind when buying a washing machine

First, the size of the drum is important. This is also called the capacity. Washing machines usually have a capacity of 5 to 12 kilos. Consider how often and how much you wash. Do you have a large family? Then you better buy a washing machine with a large capacity. Usually 8 to 9 kilos is sufficient if you have a large family with four children or more. Do you have two kids or less? Then a washing machine with a capacity of 6 to 7 kilograms suffices.

You also pay attention to the size of the device itself. The washing machine must of course fit the place where you want to put it down. The noise level is also important. Do you have a very noisy house, a baby in the house or are you very sensitive to noise? Then take a look at a quieter washing machine below 75 decibels. This is especially useful when you also want to wash at night. You can also look at the number of revolutions that your new washing machine runs. This says something about how dry you were once again after washing and spinning. Usually a laundry comes dry enough from your machine from 1200 rpm.

An energy-efficient washing machine

Nowadays sustainability and climate are hot items. With an energy-efficient washing machine you are climate conscious. In addition, you also pay attention to your own wallet: the more economical your washing machine washes, the less energy is needed and the lower your energy bill remains. There are even washing machines available with which you can save 10 to 40% on your annual accounts. For the savers among us: by washing more frequently at lower temperatures you can also save the necessary euros on an annual basis.

Buying a washing machine with a small budget

A washing machine is usually an expensive purchase. Not everyone has a big wallet. What do you do if you have a small budget, but still need a new washing machine? You can of course purchase a washing machine at a thrift store or at Marktplaats, but you have no guarantee whatsoever. In addition, these copies are often a bit older and you do not know if they are still doing well. Fortunately, there are now also very cheap washing machines available. With the online buying of a washing machine you are usually the cheapest. In a physical store it is not so easy to compare all washing machines at your convenience. Online however: there are several websites where you can compare the prices and properties of washing machines.

Compare washing machines with Knibble

Our favorite comparison site is Knibble. This philosophy of this handy website: prices can only be compared if this is done in an independent and 100% honest manner. That's why Knibble has put all current prices and offers of washing machines for you in a row. Knibble is not connected to a web store. With this, Knibble is completely independent as a comparison site. In addition, there is the particularly easy comparison table from Knibble. When you are in doubt between a few washing machines, you can immediately see with this table what the specifications of each device are. So you can compare the washing machines that you have in mind directly on a very detailed level.

In addition, Knibble only offers real offers. Is a washing machine at a web store much cheaper than the recommended price? Only then is this indicated as an offer. Various web shops are connected to Knibble. An offer is therefore only an offer when the price of a washing machine at one webshop is cheaper than at all others. Knibble also offers insight into the lowest price ever. Is a certain washing machine cheaper than ever before, at which web store? Then you will see this immediately!


Now that you know what to look for when buying a new washing machine and where you can compare prices in a smart way, you know the way in washing machine country. So there is nothing left for you to choose from the washing machine of your dreams! A lot of clean washing and fun with your new copy!

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