Pregnancy calendar - Week 32

How big?

Length± 40 cm
Weight± 1800 grams
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As the growth rate of the body decreases, the brain continues to grow rapidly. From this week the fingernails grow over the fingertips and the fetus can scratch itself.


Your baby needs the safe environment of the uterus, his lungs are not fully developed yet. He now becomes more plump and his skin becomes smoother. His wrinkles begin to disappear because he gets a little more subcutaneous fat. A fatty substance (surfactant) has also been released in his lungs. This substance ensures that the alveoli remain open and allow him to breathe independently in the open air. In these weeks the soft down disappears.
With 28 to 34 weeks, the baby usually lies down with his head. His legs and buttocks are then in the largest part of the uterus (upper part). The pressure on the diaphragm decreases and you may feel that the fetus is sinking deeper into the pelvis.
In 4 to 6% of all individual pregnancies, the child remains with his legs down (breech presentation) or transverse (transverse position).


The check with the midwife is now every fourteen days. Your uterus comes to halfway your belly button and sternum.


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