Pregnancy calendar - Week 42

How big?

Length± 50 cm
Weight± 3400 grams
Information about the photo
People have an extremely large head compared to their bodies. In order to force the baby through the pelvic cavity, the bones of the mother must first separate. The first time is always the hardest.


You had expected 42 weeks ago that around this time you would already be in your arms with your baby. Logical. After all, you are already two weeks past the due date. You're probably getting in the way of that big belly. The wait seems endless and your child is still sitting where he is and there seems to be no movement in him. Now, however, it will not be long before your midwife or gynecologist will intervene. A home birth will no longer be there, because a delivery after a pregnancy of 42 weeks has more risks.
Of course your baby is completely ready to be born, but apparently he is still enjoying himself with you. However, your doctor will now quickly decide to initiate delivery.
Babies who are born late are very different and often have longer hair and slightly longer nails. Just be patient and you can watch it yourself!


Do not try to worry too much and take your rest. You are an absolute bribe with your big belly and the end is really in zicvht. Every birth is different and your child has grinding statistics and rules that we have come up with ourselves. Eventually he is born. With or without a little help.



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