Hip Hip Hooray! - Free birthday gifts and garlands!

Hip Hip Hooray! makes it a party for everyone!
At the editors of pennea.org we regularly receive toys, DVDs, CDs, games and children's books, with the request to post something on pennea.org.

Of course we will respond to this, because it is also fun for our visitors to know what is available for their offspring. But ... this is a daily recurring process. Nothing wrong with that, but you can imagine that our editorial room soon turns into a storage place for children's stuff.

At least, if we were not careful ... With a number of products, we pamper our volunteers, but there is always a lot left.

Good destination

For some time we were looking for a good destination. You can always give away - who does not want free products - but we were looking for a good destination. In recent years we have sent a large number of 'anonymous Sinterklaas packages' to families where this was more than welcome, but we were still looking for a more structural solution.
We already had the idea of ​​a kind of food bank, but with children's products. Set up yourself? We did not have the time for that. But then all of a sudden ... we ran into Hiep Hiep Hurray! Just spontaneously. Well, actually not so spontaneously, an alert member of the editor listened to Radio West in the car, where there was an interview about this initiative.

What is Hiep Hiep Hurray!

Hip Hip Hooray! is a charitable organization that works for children from poor families in Delft and surroundings. Parents who can not afford to celebrate the birthday of their child, can turn to Hiep Hiep Hurray for help. There they can choose a free birthday present, treats to share in class and goodies and decorations to celebrate at home on the day of their birthday. They also offer help around Sinterklaas and Christmas!
Exactly the goal we were looking for! Called and made an appointment. Armed with six crates full of toys, books, DVDs, CDs and games, we went there. Supplemented with a large shopping bag full of chips and other tasty things, voluntarily sponsored from our children's piggy banks, who also wanted to help.

Without subsidy

Hiep Hiep Hurray receives no subsidy and is therefore dependent on donations. The initiator receives people in her own house where she has a part with a curtain in her living room. The future olds (or their parents) can choose a gift here. For 80% this is a second-hand toy, but the rest is completely new.
What a sacrifice to do this from your own home! And believe me, this was not a villa where you can easily miss a room.
Unfortunately, these kinds of initiatives are more than necessary. Meanwhile I have understood that fortunately there are more such initiatives here and there in the country, but not nearly enough. Because poverty also exists in the Netherlands. According to Hiep Hiep Hurray, almost 1 in 10 children can be called poor. In 2009, more than 330,000 children lived in a family with a very low income. It is expected that this number will increase further to 376,000 in 2012. The highest level since the beginning of this century.
Every child has the right to celebrate his birthday. That does not have to do with gifts of hundreds of euros, but preferably with a suitable gift, tasty treats at school and a happy birthday at home. A child does not want to be different, he does not want to be ashamed and he does not want to stay away from birthday parties for which he is invited, but can not go because no gift can be bought. Nor does he want to wonder why Sinterklaas does come to the neighbor, but not to him. And that is so beautiful from Hiep Hiep Hurray, you can also get these kind of gifts with them!

Hip Hip Hooray! - For you too!

Do you live in the vicinity of Delft and is it not a fat spot for you? Then take a look at the site and do not hesitate to make an appointment. Of course you would rather go to the store and buy it yourself, but until the time you can do it yourself, Hiep Hiep Hurray can offer a solution.
And for anyone in the area of ​​Delft or elsewhere in the country, perhaps an idea to donate undamaged - or new - toys? Or maybe a good idea to organize an action - at school or in the neighborhood - in which is saved for treats and garlands? Or perhaps start such an initiative yourself? Because there are undoubtedly many families who can not go anywhere now!
And never forget ... what you donate today, you might need tomorrow yourself. Because poverty can affect us all ...


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