New age children approach you lovingly and with respect, not with Ritalin!

New age children, or highly sensitive children and young adults. They have a beautiful predominantly indigo blue sparkling aura ... you immediately recognize them with their eyes in the eyes and especially the way they are currently in life.

I am also highly sensitive and feel and recognize these children / young adults immediately at a glance. Moreover, I am a blessed single mother with a highly sensitive son of 19 years. He is currently my teacher and mirror and as a result I started reading books, I wrote the therapeutic children's book (fairy tale) Welles / Nietes in order to get into the experience of "high sensitivity" and to offer what I have experienced and learned, to help these kids and young adults.
New-age children, kids with ADHD and autistic people become as stubborn, self-willed, uninterested, overactive, difficult to educate, closed and so on, stamped. They are very wise, have a strong sense of justice and express their opinion openly. If they are gagged, they turn in with all the consequences.

How can I be heard?

The result is often a negative form of attention and then the circle is round. We do not hear them but in a loving way.
Their whole heart screams to express love, equality, respect and especially to themselves in what they are.
They are loving children who are not understood by their environment and they want to discover the world in their own way.
Allow your child to develop. They need experiences to make choices, to evolve their soul and they give us a good example. They know no fear and try things out. And goes wrong, let them experience this ... they learn from this.


Currently, many New Age children, ADHD kids and autistic people are in a feeling of total impotence.
They do not listen to them the way they want to, they hide behind the PC, have learning difficulties because they experience school as unpleasant and close themselves to the reality. They can not unfold and are not stimulated but are imposed on things that they do not see the benefit of at all.
They play truant, show aggressive behavior and are very restless. It seems that they do not want to listen and participate in life.
Many seek refuge in drugs, alcohol, and wandering, while through loving communication, understanding, loving treatment and possibly. alternative medicine can be prevented.
Children are often prescribed Ritalin at a young age to calm them down. Yes, this works great for the environment, but not for the child at all.
This can lead to identity problems, depression, suicidal behavior and total isolation at a later age and such medication is strongly discouraged.

A few tips

Do not be too protective but watch and grasp lovingly at times when it is really necessary. Give clear and loving limits and ensure that they are not exceeded. Communicate affectionately with them as with an adult and show respect for each other. Give them above all the sense of equality, show love and listen to what the child actually says and means. Also ask for attention for yourself so that the energy can flow and it is not a one-way street. A loving conversation can only be conducted if both are willing to receive and give.
In communication it is important to "listen with your heart", do not fall into the reason and especially "speak with your heart".


My treatment for parents and highly sensitive kids, ADHD kids and autistic people is loving communication, listening and speaking from the heart. Further explanation of what I have briefly described, also to the educators. Loving communication is always two-way traffic.
Furthermore, energetic treatment is important in order to balance the meridians, aura and chakras and heal them. It is also necessary to anchor these children in mother earth so that they can once again fully enjoy life and enjoy themselves.
Then you will automatically see that communication starts, and healing occurs where it is needed. The energy starts to flow again, the chakras are in balance and this creates an emotional and physical balance. The aura will recover and become powerful again and you will see that in your surroundings. There is balance and healing from there.
Improve both behavior and health, as well as the home situation. Only accompanying the child is insufficient because after all it concerns the welfare of the entire family.

Video: Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story. Jessica McCabe. TEDxBratislava

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