Pregnancy calendar - Week 30

How big?

Length± 38 cm
Weight± 1300 grams
Information about the photo
After thirty weeks the toenails have fully developed.


Your baby gets less and less space but he can still run. Maybe your baby is already down with his head, but it does not have to be done yet. He is now almost 'done' but the heat control and resistance have to develop even further. The down hair on his body now begins to let go. This comes in the amniotic fluid, which your baby drinks from again. This then ends up again (together with the releasing skin) in his intestines. In this way his intestines are practiced.
With 28 to 34 weeks, the baby usually lies down with his head. His legs and buttocks are then in the largest part of the uterus (upper part). The pressure on the diaphragm decreases and you may feel that the fetus is sinking deeper into the pelvis.
In 4 to 6% of all individual pregnancies, the child remains with his legs down (breech presentation) or transverse (transverse position).


Home birth? Make the delivery room ready in time!
The number of hard bellies can increase a little.


Good preparation - Write a birth plan
The delivery - The different ways to give birth
Have a pretecho made.
Treat yourself with comfortable clothing.
Turn the overview off, 'When do you arrange what?'
Arrange birth announcements and birth announcements.

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