The favorite cuddle - If you do not lose it!

The favorite cuddle - Your baby cries uncontrollably. He must actually go to sleep, but he will never do this without his 'tuttebellie'. But where did that stupid thing go? You have seen him an hour ago, while eating. You took it away and put it away. But where? Because of the loud howling, your mind does not seem to be able to come up with a clear idea anymore.
You look around you, lift the cushions from the couch and suddenly ... that's where he is! Just before your nose, on the table! You pick it up, run it to your child and put it in his bed. And then it is quiet. You see a satisfied baby, cuddling with his 'tuttebellie', ready to sleep.

His big favorite

Around the eighth month of your child you can discover that he has a favorite cuddly toy, nipple or teat. He will carry it for a large part of the day. Of course, this differs per child, because some children do this from about three months and there are also children who never get this.
Your baby will play with it, against babbling and the 'must' go to sleep. With some children, sleeping is the only time when 'His favorite' should be with him.

Feeling of safety

A favorite cuddle gives your child the feeling of safety. Specialists call this favorite cuddle 'transition objects'; an object that a child clings to, as a temporary replacement of the comfort and love of his parents. After all, you can not pet his globe every minute of the day. A favorite cuddle also makes him more independent, because he can now decide for himself how much comfort he needs. However, if your baby is too fixated on his cuddle, as a result of which he is less able to make contact with others or to reach his milestones, try to limit his tapping to bedtime as much as possible.

His consolation, his predilection, his choice

There is absolutely nothing to send what will be his big favorite. You can try so much to give him that one beautiful, special hug in his hands, where you already have one as spare in the closet, that does not mean that this will be his great love. Maybe it's that unsightly monster that you get at the supermarket for free, or it just becomes a hydrophilic diaper that he always finds in his bed, or another cloth or toy. He determines and not you.

Wash regularly

Favorite hugs are dirty, it is therefore important that they are washed regularly. Your child will find the fresh smell, terrible, but it is necessary to prevent the tuttel from becoming a source of bacteria.
Do not agree with the choice of your child? As long as it's a safe object, you've just had bad luck. It is his choice, respect that. Do not tease it and do not hide it.
'Do not insist on the hug', he decides when he needs it. Is he playing sweetly with something else? Then leave him, and do not bring his hug to him.

What if the favorite cuddle is lost?

The best thing would be if you already have a second equal hug in the house beforehand. But sometimes your child chooses a favorite of something that you have no idea where it comes from. Something that he got from that one colleague who has since emigrated to 'Verweggistan' and you can no longer ask for it. Or it is a homemade hug by that one great aunt, but who is now really too old to make another one, or your baby chooses a hug from your own childhood, which is no longer for sale. Start a search on the internet anyway and try to find a replica of the cuddle. A backup can save a lot of trouble. And if you do not begin the search until it is lost, of course you are already far too late.

Learning to deal with loss

Lost stuff? Not to find a new one? Your child will be inconsolable, but in the end it will be fine. Of course he is very upset at first but also dealing with loss is something he has to learn. Comfort your child, talk to him and possibly buy a new hug together with him.

You can also teach your child as early as possible that his favorite cuddle stays in bed. Make a special ritual together. He can cover the hug himself and say goodbye the moment he goes out of bed himself. If his big favorite stays behind, you do not have to be so scared that he loses.


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