Children's songs

We have put together a special collection of children's songs for you. Songs from the old box, but also some newer songs. Fun to sing together with the kids at bedtime, or just because it's fun! Incidentally, singing together is not only fun, it is also very good for the language development of your child. In a playful way they learn to get a feeling for language, rhythm and sound. Rhythm, rhyme and sounds form the basis of the language. Extra fun are the songs where you can also make certain movements, so you can immediately stimulate the motor skills of your child.

Children's songs from the old box

Children's songs from your childhood or even from the youth of grandmother or grandfather, still do very well with children, but over the years there are so many nice songs that perfectly lend together with your child to sing. With some songs we have been able to find a video clip, making it even more fun to sing together with your child.

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The importance of children's songs

We already said that children's songs are good for their language development and motor skills, but you can also use them to discuss certain themes, such as the 'lice song' or 'gifted'. In addition, the songs can give attention to certain emotions, such as joy, comfort or fear.

The songs written especially for children are usually made in a simple melody line, so children can easily sing along. Being able to sing along with the songs gives children a sense of self-confidence.

Practical use

You can also use a song for certain acts or rituals, such as a lullaby at bedtime or a clean-up song when cleaning up the toy.

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