Advent calendar in the spotlight: Makeup Revolution Lip Advent Calendar

Years ago you already had advent calendars. With the first copies you could open a cardboard door and then every day there was a different picture. These are the Advent calendars from my childhood. A few years later, the more luxurious 'chocolate calendars' were added. With these calendars there was a chocolate behind each door. That was a party every day.

Flink assortment

Advent calendars are still there, but the range has expanded considerably. You have them in all kinds, sizes and prices. From the most luxurious advent calendar (Dior, 350 euro) to a cheap one at the Action (1.99 euro) and of course everything in between. In our blog 'The 10 best Advent calendars' we discuss the ten best Advent calendars at the moment, but we liked to get one copy out of it and put it in the limelight. We have chosen the Makeup Revolution Lip Advent Calendar. This calendar is for sale for 34.95 euros (now discounted to 29.95) at And to be honest, as more doors opened, the happier I became.

Makeup Revolution Lip Advent Calendar

Makeup Revolution Lip Advent Calendar does not only want every lipstick lover, but also every woman who loves make up! This fun calendar helps you to count down to Christmas! Every day you will find a new lip goodie which is also vegan. If I were you, I would order it today, so you still have it in time and with every day another lipgoody, you can count down to Christmas! It just manages. The calendar is full of lipstick, in beautiful colors. Every day it is a surprise if there is a lipstick, gloss or liner behind the hatch. Everything is well distributed over the calendar, so that it always becomes a new surprise.

In the calendar you will find: 5x matte lipstick, 5x cream lipstick, 3x lip gloss, 7x lip liner, 3x matte liquid lipstick and 2x glitter liquid lipstick. And especially the glitter liquid lipstick under box 25, is to melt.

We pack out

Of course opening a box every day is much more fun than seeing all the boxes in a row, but if we had done that, we could only show you what a nice calendar this is after December 25th. So I have already opened up all the boxes and as I got further, I became happier ... I would like to take you on my discovery tour:

And what do you think of it?

Did I say too much? Probably not! With this calendar you can extend the lipstick colors fabulous at once. You can try them all and see how the different colors are on your lips and with your cool outfit. If you order the calendar today, you have it in your home just in time. At the moment you are more than 30 euros, 25 beautiful lip products richer! As far as I am concerned, this is definitely recommended! And are there any colors that you find less beautiful? Maybe you can make a friend happy with it, who really loves that color!

I like to read your reaction! What do you think of this calendar? Is it a do or do not for you?


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