5 best winter activities

Last weekend the clock was rescheduled for Wintertime. Although the winter has not really started yet, the first signs of the approaching winter are visible. For example, it is suddenly a lot colder and you barely even without a jacket outside, I read that the first snowflakes are already in sight and even Sinterklaas is his suitcases again to tackle again soon to sail to the Netherlands.

The winter period lends itself to other activities than in the summer. Yet there is also a lot of fun to do in winter. We have looked for the five best winter activities for you!

Tip 1 - The indoor playground

When the weather is nice, I find it really a shame to go to an indoor playground. I prefer to enjoy the weather outside. In winter, however, it is a great option, especially for children to lose their energy. They can play, run, climb and scramble. After a few hours, you will not have a child with them for the rest of the day.
There are many, so there is certainly one in your area. Take a look at our extensive database.

Tip 2 - A bite outside the door

To eat with each other and the kids is of course a bit different than a romantic dinner for two. Fortunately, there are a lot of child-friendly restaurants where you can eat with the kids - and delicious. Sometimes there are special facilities for the children or special dishes for the little ones. No need to worry about the food, let you serve delicious food and also good food gives plenty of room to give each other sincere attention! Very nice to do with each other!

Tip 3 - Educational trip

Museums are not nearly as dusty as they used to be. Nowadays they are very nice for children. Often there are special themes for children during holidays, with a craft corner or fun activity. There are so many nice museums in the Netherlands, on various subjects. Take a look at this list, there is probably also a nice museum in your area. Bet that your child will enjoy it and he will also add something to it!

Tip 4 - Skating and stuff

The chance to swipe over the ditches and lakes has not been so great in recent years. In order to be able to slide safely over the ditches, a considerable frost period is required. Skating and skiing are of course very nice winter activities. Dressing warmly, doing sports together and afterwards a cup of hot chocolate. With whipped cream. Because after all that action, that is justified.
There is probably a ski slope or skating rink in your area.

Tip 5 - Cozy cooking together

You do not have to leave the door for this. Children always love to help with cooking and baking. Especially when it comes to recipes that they also like. Baking cakes, for example. And especially decorate. Great fun. Let it snow and hail outside, inside it is cozy and warm. You might find a recipe for a tasty cake or cupcake here! Nice to make, even more fun to eat together afterwards and to bring a piece to the neighbors. They also find your cake very tasty.

Top 5 lightning tips for indoors

Do you prefer not to go out? Then this is the top 5 indoor activities, for which the most is chosen.

1) Watch movie (or Netflix)
2) Do games with each other
3) Read / read aloud
4) Extensive food (fondue / courmet)
5) Crafts

Are you going outside?

If you do go outside, make sure you are nicely dressed up. Besides warm clothing, mittens, hats, a scarf are also not a luxury. Also do not forget warm, thick socks and a pair of good shoes.
Do you want enough energy to brave the cold (and enough to keep running behind the kids), make sure you have eaten enough. Without gasoline, the engine does not run. Do not forget to drink enough, because your body needs, just in the cold, as much moisture as ever.

Ensure proper care of your skin. Your face catches the full cold, so a little extra care can not hurt. Use, especially a good oily cream to keep your skin supple, and a good lip balm for your lips.

5 Lightning tips for outdoor activities

1) Make a snowman and / or fight snowballs
2) Skating
3) Slide the slide
4) Track search
5) Make a forest walk

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