Pregnancy calendar - Week 21

How big?

Length± 27 cm
Weight± 380 grams
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The fetal movements (kicking, turning, hiccups) are now clear enough to be felt by the mother.


Your baby's skin is no longer transparent. White blood cells are formed that play an important role as defense against diseases and infections. The tongue is completely formed. The balance organ in the inner ear has also been developed. With a girl, the internal sex organs are now completely formed.


You can get tired faster and be short of breath. Your baby will notice when you stroke your belly. Do this regularly and you will see that your baby is reacting to it and after a couple of weeks it might creep into your hand.
With week 18 to week 21 a second trimester ultrasound (the so-called 20-week ultrasound) is possible. This ultrasound is used to look at neural tube defects, severe heart and / or kidney abnormalities, growth retardation of the fetus and abnormal amounts of amniotic fluid. Rebounding Ultronic waves make any deviations in the tissue visible. It gives a real diagnosis on, for example, Spina bifida, but gives no further certainty about the health of your child. The result is immediately known.


Pamper yourself with maternity wear.
Turn the overview off, 'When do you arrange what?'

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