Constellation Taurus - The character of your child as Taurus

Astrological nameTaurus
PeriodApril 21 - May 22
KeywordSteadfast life core
Vulnerable body partThroat

A Bull Baby prefers not to force and he clearly shows that. You want to leave on time? If he does not want to put on his jacket, then you'll have a big chunk on that. His Will is great and his methods of showing it are inexhaustible. You will have to cultivate muscles to eventually do everything (on time) for each other.
But a Bull Child is also extremely sweet and loves to cuddle. Your heart melts when he comes to you and you spontaneously ask for a kiss.

Bull boys are tough boys, healthy, strong and powerful. The bull girls are real girls, very fond of their dolls and pietepeuterig neat. They can also be real wildbusters, but no matter how tough they do, they know how to use their feminine charms at all times as it suits them. As soon as this mini bull has all men in her neighborhood wound around her fingers.

Small bull toddlers are generally more sensible and more cautious than other children. They are balanced children and their character is constant. Some bulls may be somewhat shy or unkind but they will always be calm, peaceful and cheerful. The little bull is also not interested in the interest. Let him play nicely in a corner, then he feels most comfortable.
The bull tender does not like to be plagued. If he is under too much pressure he can become angry and stubborn. The only thing that still works with him is love, lots of love.

Bulls are generous, warm, friendly, even and modest. But when they are provoked, they can lose their self-control and burst into anger. A bull is romantic but does not give his heart 'just'. But if he gives him, it will be forever and he will be faithful to his partner.
Bulls can become very angry. When a Taurus feels taken, he can be hateful up to the excessive. Then a reconciliation comes increasingly further away, forgiveness is difficult, never forgotten. Fortunately, bulls are rarely involved in long-term fates, because their patience is very high.

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