So you keep your pregnancy secret for a while!

The pregnancy test in your hands does not bother you. Hoera! You are in happy expectation. You prefer to shout it from the roofs, so happy are you. You can not wait to share this great news with the whole world. If all is well, you can keep your child in your arms within nine months.

Still, it may be wise not to distribute the news equally but to keep it a secret until the most critical weeks are over. After about 12 weeks, the chance that everything will continue to go well is a bit bigger. But yes, how are you going to keep this big news to yourself without suffocating? Fortunately, you will not see much of that in the first few weeks, but yes, you may notice if you suddenly leave that glass of wine, stopped smoking or refused to eat filet americain.

Why keep a secret?

Of course everyone has to know this for themselves. One shares it with his family or even with the whole world (social media), the other prefers to wait. There are absolutely good reasons to keep the news for yourself. For example, think of:

  • Fear of miscarriage in early pregnancy
  • Waiting for tests for genetic abnormalities
  • Pregnant by one-night-stand
  • Unplanned pregnant
  • Fear of reactions
  • Bad relationship

Not every positive test is immediately a positive message. It is not bad when you have to process the news for yourself. It is your body and your baby, so you can decide when you bring the news out and it is also not bad when you are not directly on a pink cloud with a positive test. Make sure you are ready to tell the news yourself.

Pregnancy disorders

Pregnancy disorders occur in many women immediately after conception. From nasty headaches, fatigue to nausea. Many people quickly pick up these ailments and can see the connection between the ailments and the arrival of a baby. How do you ensure that you can mask these ailments and keep the news for yourself? Swallowing painkillers is recommended in moderation. If the headache is too strong, a paracetamol can relieve the pain. Do you suffer from nausea? Drink ginger tea to eliminate the nausea.


Over time your body can reveal the secret itself. Are you not yet ready to hang the news on the big clock? Then make wide clothes. These leave your tummy for what it is and ensure that not everyone can see the big news. Black clothing also works well. Not only does this dress matter, a belly also falls a lot less. This way you can fill your belly and tell the news when you are ready.

"I look pregnant!" and more excuses

It is never fun to lie, but when you want to keep the news to yourself, you have to be creative with excuses. The best excuse is sometimes the truth. Do you suffer from pregnancy ailments, but do not you want people to suspect you? Then a playful statement such as: "I seem pregnant!", Can calm down the mood.
Do you not like the things that you used to like during the pregnancy? That can sound strange to friends and family who are not yet aware of the news. Make sure you are prepared for questions about why you do not need a café latte or do not want a tuna sandwich. These are original answers to these curious questions:

  • I follow a new diet where I can not eat this
  • Sorry, but I'm really full, I skip this round
  • I already ate
  • Currently I am taking antibiotics and I really do not like that

Are you a regular drinker and do your friends look up to the fact that you do not need a drop of wine? Then you can always propose to be the BOB or tell them that you would rather not drive when you have drunk and therefore take it easy. Also a hangover from the previous day is a good excuse not to drink alcohol.

Keeping the happy news to yourself, it is almost a sport. Make sure you are well prepared for the possible questions about your ailments. With the right answers in your pocket, you can keep the early pregnancy secret for a while.

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