Sadness - The tears of your toddler

How do you deal with the grief of your toddler?
Your toddler no longer cries out of innocence as he did in his baby time, he has learned well now that crying sets something in motion. You, for example. Crying means: getting comfort, eating, attention, hugs or love. But your toddler can also cry out of fear or powerlessness, difficulty in coping with all those new impressions or fatigue. There is crying for a toddler. When they can count on good counseling from their parents, they will usually cry less than toddlers who are left to their fate.

In the course of time you can probably distinguish the different types of crying. Pain, fatigue, boredom, fright, scared or hungry. Because of this you often know how to act what you need to do to comfort your child quickly.

How to deal with his grief?

Do not let your child cry unnecessarily but prefer to respond immediately. Children where the parents react directly to their crying, usually cry less. The bond between mother and child is usually stronger when she comforts him quickly. It is therefore important that you always take his howling seriously. He wants to tell you something about it and does not yet have enough other possibilities to make you all clear. Even if he is just tired and therefore has to cry, you have been asked to take action. Just give him some peace and live with him.

Not yet unlearned

If your toddler already cried a lot as a baby, it will be slightly less like a toddler, but he will not have finished it yet. That takes much more time and one child is crying more than the other.
Usually children who cry more often are more agile, faster distracted, frightened and faster out of balance. That makes their behavior somewhat more unpredictable. You can best deal actively with your child.
Keep on responding to him when he is crying so he will not get upset completely. Children who are upset usually have little to start with.

Suitable solution

Try to find out why he is crying so that you can come up with a suitable solution. Is he tired? Then he can sleep well. Hungry or thirsty? A good solution is also readily available for this. And sometimes you do not find out so quickly and your child can take your lap and comfort you all work very well. Use your voice especially to comfort him. Your voice has absolutely magical powers for your little toddler. If he is still on your lap, you can also gently massage him. This can distract him from his grief, which he will soon forget again.

Why is he sad?


Your toddler has fallen or hurt in another way. The fact that you have not seen it does not mean that it did not happen. In any case, keep it in mind and look at it carefully.
It is also possible that he suffers from a physical discomfort, such as ear pain, headaches or abdominal pain. You can not see anything at all, but you might see him grabbing his tummy or earpiece.
If your child stops crying as soon as he is arrested, he will probably not cry from the pain. If, however, he starts crying more loudly than he can speak of an infection. Take the temperature and if it is seriously increased, call the doctor.

Hungry or thirsty

A common reason to cry, your child is just hungry. Easy to solve with his meal or a healthy snack and / or drink a cup.


Your toddler feels alone, abandoned or anxious and needs your love and attention. He seeks your warmth, comfort and will be quiet from your voice. There can be all kinds of reasons why he just needs your attention a bit more than the rest of the moments right now. Maybe he is tired, teeth come through, it is too busy around him so he gets too many stimuli to deal with, he has itching somewhere, he misses you, he feels alone, he is too cold or too hot, there is too much noise around him or is it too light or too dark. There can really be so many reasons why he may need your attention.


If your child is too tired, he will become crying. Comfort him comfortably and put him in his bed. He will absolutely deny that he is tired, but the harder he denies this, the more tired he is.

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