Nice in your skin after delivery - How do you lose those extra pounds?

Nice in your skin after delivery - How do you lose those extra pounds? That you arrive during your pregnancy is an established fact. The baby, the amniotic fluid and extra blood ensure that the scales turn upwards. Even fat is stored! Some time after the birth, when your hormones are in balance again and your body has recovered from its heavy task, do you have your old body back?

Do you want to wear your favorite pants again or are you satisfied with your new forms? How do you combine sports and losing weight with a family? Do you do it alone or do you join forces?

Arriving during pregnancy

How much weight you arrive during pregnancy depends on various factors.
For example, your weight before you became pregnant and your eating and exercise pattern. In general, an average weight gain of 12 kg is used. In the last three months of your pregnancy you get the most out of it. What does that average 12 kg weight consist of? The baby itself weighs about 3 kilos and your uterus almost 1 kilo. At the peak your stomach contains almost 1.5 liters of amniotic fluid, good for a small kilo of weight. The extra blood that your body produces during pregnancy also accounts for about 1.5 kilos. Your breasts become bigger and heavier (about 500 grams) and the extra fluid that you hold is good for 1.5 kilos. Finally, your body stores nearly 3 kilograms of reserve fat, intended for the period that you are breastfeeding.

Nice in your skin after the birth

As soon as you close that little hummel in your arms, you have something else on your mind than your line. Yet there comes another time when you wonder despairing whether your old jeans will still fit. A pregnancy and a delivery are heavy for your pelvis and pelvic floor and even after giving birth your pelvis is unstable for some time. Also, your straight abdominal muscles are separated by the growth of your stomach and they need the time to be shorter. If you start exercising too quickly with these muscles, there is a chance that there will be space between the abdominal muscles. It is advisable to start exercising slowly after six weeks of giving birth.

Breastfeeding and losing weight

According to the Nutrition Center, women who are breastfeeding need about 500 calories per day extra. However, there are also lactation experts who say that you do not have to eat extra, but just as needed. One person will suddenly be able to eat a whole lot of bread, the other one will have enough of the portion she has been used to for years. If you do not take in enough nutrients, it is mainly at the expense of yourself and not the milk. By paying attention to your diet, you can lose weight during breastfeeding, because feeding costs extra calories. However, it is recommended to gradually lose weight with a limit of half a kilogram per week. If you waste too quickly, milk production may decline. It hardly affects the quality of breast milk. However, extra waste can get into the milk if there is too much slimming.

Figure forever?

Some women can go back to their old clothes 1.5 months after giving birth, others will notice that their bodies have changed forever. The most important thing is what do you feel good about? Do not compare yourself to Hollywood stars who parade super tightly over the red carpet a few weeks after the arrival of a baby. You do not have a battery of personal trainers, private chefs and nannies ready. Being a mother is hard work and sometimes you are overjoyed with half an hour for yourself. Then you can train hard with your last bit of energy, or relax with a magazine ... But also helping small bits and taking long walks with the pram is good for you and your child.

Motivation and realistic goal

Whether you want to work on your line six weeks after giving birth, after finishing breastfeeding or months later, the most important thing is that you do it for yourself. A good dose of motivation is essential to succeed. As well as a realistic final goal. The best combination to get back in shape consists of sports and healthy food. And in fact, all the rules about weight loss and exercise that also have to do without losing a pregnancy are important.

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