Shoes make the man during the Christmas dinner!

Do you already have an idea what you are going to wear during the Christmas dinner? Maybe you have even bought something new? It will undoubtedly be a festive outfit, but have you already thought about your partner's outfit? How is he dressed during the Christmas dinner this year? Clothes make the man, but do not forget his shoes. Is it crazy to say: 'shoes are the mirror of the soul?' Or am I the only one with a shoe tick and men often judge on the basis of their shoes?

The shoes

Even though the shoes are hidden a lot of the time during the Christmas dinner, shoes make your outfit complete. They are indeed an important part of your festive looks. Maybe a little crazy, but I often look first at the shoes of a man. His choice for shoes can tell a lot about the man. Do you have that too?

The slip-on

For example, I do not like men with loafers. As if 'the ease of a slip-on' is reflected on the man. Will he be so easy anywhere? I do not have to think about that, I just love a strong personality. Slippers do not exude power for me, but rather a kind of laziness. Will he want to get in and out of the house so 'easy' everywhere? I just love someone who dares to put his teeth into something, wants to do something for something. Just do not choose the easiest way.


The chance that a man wears sandals - with or without socks - during the Christmas dinner is of course not that big, so I will not dedicate many words to that. Sandals are just always wrong. Also in the summer. I get such a 'late but windy feeling'. Then I would rather see flip flops (no, not during the Christmas dinner) than a sandal.


I love sneakers, they do me a bit naughty in some way. But I only love sneakers if someone is dressed casual, never under a suit. Under a suit sneakers suddenly get a completely different look, as if the man suddenly becomes sneaky himself. No sneakers so for the Christmas dinner.


Boots under a suit. I can not do anything about it, but I immediately think: 'Gosh, he definitely takes care of everything'. Unreliable, paint everything, it radiates. In itself I like stubborn, but there are limits. This is one of them.

The worn or unpolished shoe

I'm not even going to waste words on worn or unpolished shoes. If he is so sloppy with his shoes, it will shine everywhere. A man with unpolished shoes gives me the idea of ​​a person who leaves everything behind his ass in the house and expects his partner to clean it up for him. I get jerky when I think about it.

Sports socks

Okay, they are not shoes, but they are at your feet. Of course, the choice of the sock must match the outfit or the shoe. Obviously, those white tennis socks can not really. The funny thing is that I usually see this in men who are never on the tennis court. What do they do with tennis socks in their socks? Or do they give them a sporty feeling or something? I really prefer a man who gets his sportiness out of his body, instead of out of his socks.


I hope that no man at the Christmas dinner will appear on slippers. Not even if you celebrate Christmas at home. Wearing slippers gives me the impression that he is groaning and groaning through life. That everything is soon too heavy for him. If you do not even bother to put on a decent pair of shoes, but continue to walk around then I really get the urge to put a pepper in his * beep *.

But what then?

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