Snot nose - How do you solve it?

Blew, blew, blew.
"That is 7.49 euro, please." As a proud owner of four boxes of tissues, I walk out of the supermarket. It is that time again. The snot noses can be removed from the attic and dusted. The R is again in the month. A common phrase. I would have preferred to avoid him, but I can not escape it. The eighteenth letter of the alphabet is again in the month. That is more original. Then I choose that.

What is a snot nose?

A snot nose is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose. This is often accompanied by inflammation in the sinuses and throat. A snot nose can be caused by a virus infection or an allergic reaction.
Children can also "snotogen" during colds. When they get out of bed, their eyes can be closed. The best thing to do is to remove this by rubbing a boiled water (of course let it cool down) from the side to the nose.

Green or bright snot

A snot nose starts with a clear snot, that's because the body wants to get all the bacteria out quickly. If the color of the snot changes to yellow or green, your child probably has a larger infection among the members. You often see an infection that there are multiple symptoms to recognize such as: fever and cough.

What can you do about it?

Saline solution

In principle you can not do anything to get rid of a cold faster. There are, however, means to reduce the complaints. Like buying a saline solution at the chemist in spray form. Of course you can also make yourself a saline solution. The ratio is as follows: use 9 grams of kitchen salt and mix this with 1 liter of lukewarm water. At the pharmacy you can get a syringe to spray this in your nose. For a child younger than one year you use one milliliter per nostril. If your child is older than one year, you may use 2 milliliters per nostril.


Wisdom of my grandmother: Put a peeled and sliced ​​onion next to your bed in a container. You can breathe so nicely through your nose and do not wake up in the morning with a dry mouth.

Prevention is better than cure

Another saying that has little originality, but the maker of this saying does have a point. But can a snot nose be prevented? Try to find out where the snot nose comes from. If you or your child suffer from a snot nose for a long time, there may be a deeper cause. So it may be that you have affected nasal mucous membranes or a chronic cavity infection or suffer from an allergy. If you are wondering if this is the case for you, visit your doctor for a check.

Strengthen the resistance

Look for the outside air. Take a wonderful walk through the woods. And what gives motivation to do this every day? Exactly, the faithful four-legged friend. A pet strengthens the resistance. Having a dog has a positive effect against a respiratory infection. For the female cats among us, they also help to strengthen the resistance. Although the dog is just a bit better at it.

Snout nose

You would almost think that I am making a spelling mistake, but I am really talking about blowing the nose. But is snouting the right choice during a snot nose? Gently retrieving your nose is the best way to get rid of your nose. Because you swallow the snot by picking up your nose, it is attacked by stomach acid. This attack does not survive the bacteria and viruses.

Would you like to learn how to blow your child, because you are fed up with those snob bells that go down to their mouths? Then make sure your child gently muzzle. But how are you going to do this? Is your child two years or older? Then you have the right age to learn to blow. Practice is best with a full nose. Make it a game. Who is the first to throw his / her marble on the other side of the table by blowing your mouth? Then you show how you blow through your nose. Be Haasje Hup and blow exaggerated from your nose and immediately add a hazenspong. A smile assured.

FLIP, FLIP, FLIP! "That's 0.89 cents, please." With a net of onions under my arms, I walk out of the store. As a final tip: Make sure you do not eat onion onions the day before you start a snot nose.

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