Saying dirty words

Small children think it's fantastic to say dirty words. At a certain moment the 'poo and pee' flies around your ears. This is still in the category of 'innocent' dirty words, but your child can of course also have heard a really dirty word or force term from someone else, for example on the street.
Once your child realizes that this falls into the 'dirty words' category, he will not fail to let his mouth roll out regularly ...

Dirty words: Invoke reaction

Up to a year or five children can especially enjoy words like poo, pee, penis, especially when the environment responds to this. "Is not it allowed?" Then it will really be fun! " While giggling, the whole tune is repeated ... After all, children of this age like to elicit a reaction, because that is what it is all about! Your reaction is important but also that of peers, so they are looking for the limits. admissible? What not? If they get older, the dirty words will give way to the coarser work: swearing and cursing, they hear it around him, pick it up and - despite the fact that they often do not know the meaning - they know well that it is not neat.

Why do children do this?

The smallest life still very much in their own world, so they do not have such an interest in what is happening around them. But as they get older, they get more and more interest in their environment. Copy behavior is a good part of this and is also completely normal. Unfortunately, something is sometimes copied, which you would rather not have.

Expand vocabulary

Children come into contact with dirty words in all kinds of ways. Just think of TV, radio, internet, books, but also on the street, school, reception or (sports) club. The moment your child starts playing with other children, going to TV or going to the playgroup or childcare, there is the possibility that he will expand his vocabulary. In a positive sense and - unfortunately - also in a negative sense. When they then use such a picked up word and see that you - or someone else in the area - gives a certain reaction to this, that is of course very interesting!

How do you deal with it?

In the toddler phase it will still be about innocent words like pee and shit. But when your child gets older and his dirty words get a different character, it is advisable to do something with it. Often it helps if you explain to your child what the word means. Often they do not know this and will perhaps startle.

When to intervene?

The moment you intervene is different for everyone. One parent already gives a reprimand to the word 'pee', the other person pretends he is not hearing anything and only corrects with a bit of coarser artillery. Your own attitude is of great importance. When you laugh a little bit scornfully when your child says a dirty word, he will see this as encouragement and will therefore be able to do it more often. 'Making mum laugh' is fun after all! The opposite, so getting angry, can also be counter-productive, because he learns that he can chase you on the rod ... Also exciting, of course!


Ignoring is often a good option. It will be a lot less fun or interesting if there is no response. If the ignoring does not solve anything, then you can talk to your child about his behavior. Ask him - without being angry - why he says the dirty things? Does he know what it means? Finish the conversation by indicating a clear limit and explain why you do not want to hear the word anymore.

No miracles

Do not expect miracles. Your child will continue to find it exciting to find his limits and try to catch your attention with it. However, if it becomes very crude then you can of course best connect the consequences. Especially if your child is already a bit older. You can start a 'curse pot' (for every curse or dirty word a penny or a dime - and of course this applies to everyone in the family!), Put your child apart or come up with another punishment. Because reward always has more effect as punishments, you can (for example), if your child - a pre-agreed period - no dirty words have said more, do something fun with the joint 'Vamping pot'.

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