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In the summer well-groomed feet may fall out more often, because we often walk in open shoes, but in the winter your feet have to be cared for as well. Maybe they are less visible to others, you walk on all day. Did you know that 20% of the Dutch have foot complaints? You certainly do not want to belong to that! And some ailments can be prevented if you take good care of your feet. Even during the cold winter days!

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Although we spend millions on all kinds of spreads, our feet are the most forgotten body part. While it is precisely our feet that keep us in shape and take us from A to B. You would say that they may have some extra attention!
The skin of your feet naturally contains few sebaceous glands. The skin therefore dries out quickly. To avoid chances of chapping, we have to be kind to our feet and take good care of them.

How do you keep your feet healthy?

To keep your feet as healthy as possible, we have a number of tips:

Always dry your feet well after bathing or showering. Also between the toes.
Wash your feet daily. Preferably without soap. If you still want to use soap, use a mild soap.
Use a foot cream daily to keep your skin supple.
Make sure your shoes are not too small. Your toes must have sufficient space and must not be squeezed. Do not wear socks with seams and if you wear socks, do a clean pair every day.
You can do daily foot exercises to keep your feet supple.

Care toenails

Cut your toenails straight and not too short to prevent the nail from growing. Preferably use a nail scissors to prevent your nails from tearing.
The shape of the nails must follow the natural shape of the toe. After cutting you can smooth the edges with a nail file.

How can you spoil your feet?

You can pamper your feet in many ways and you can do some things at home. Here are our tips:

Foot bath

Take a warm foot bath regularly. You can add some foot soap, some soda or special effervescent tablets. Let your feet soak in the water for about 10 minutes.

Extra care

Scrub the skin of your feet with a mild scrub. After scrubbing, can you feed your feet extra with a foot mask or maybe your partner would like to massage your feet with a caring oil? Not wrong either.

Remove the callus

Do you have an eeltrasp? Then remove the excess calluses. Take care of dry feet if you start with this. The areas where the most common calluses are: your heel, the ball and the outer edges of your foot.
With a calliprap you get rid of the worst calluses, after which you can remove the smaller pieces of callus with a foot file.

Did you know that callus also has something to tell you? Because calluses is actually a very important protection for our feet. For example, if we wear shoes that are too small, small inflammations develop in our dermis. This gives the body the signal to create protection. In order to prevent further 'injuries', the skin on the damaged parts becomes thicker and a callous layer is formed.
So if you have callousing back in certain places, it is possible that this has to do with wearing certain (too tight) shoes.


If you want to be extra sweet for your feet, visit a pedicure once every 6 weeks. She understands your feet and can ensure that your feet are kept in top condition.
If you still have problems with your feet, the pedicures can help you with ailments such as:
nail and cuticle care, fungal nails, fungal nails, ingrown nails, corns and excess calluses.
Some pedicures can also paint your toenails with a gel polish, so that the nail polish stays in place for a number of weeks. Wonderful to not have to worry about?

Extra indulgence before bedtime

Apply a thick layer of foot cream to your feet in the evening before bedtime. Pull over a pair of cotton socks over it and let it retract during the night. The next morning your feet are so soft!
Instead of foot cream you can also use a nice thick layer of Vaseline.

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