Pregnancy calendar - Week 36

How big?

Length± 45 cm
Weight± 2900 grams
Information about the photo
The abdominal cavity of the fetus is large and round. This is mainly due to the red blood cell producing liver. The space becomes too small and the baby is ready for birth.


Your baby is now almost ready to be born, although he could still have trouble with his breathing so he would have to go into the incubator. He will now descend into your pelvis, this can be a strange face as if your stomach is very low. It is possible that your baby moves a bit less, but it also starts getting pretty cramped in his litter.
Growth is now slowing and the amount of amniotic fluid has reached its maximum. After this, the amount of amniotic fluid can begin to take off. Most obstetricians (and doctors) will monitor the amniotic fluid level by means of an ultrasound or your stomach.


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