Pregnancy calendar - Week 26

How big?

Length± 33 cm
Weight± 720 grams
Information about the photo
The ears respond to sounds that come from outside the womb. From week 26, the eyes are open when the baby is awake and closed when the baby is asleep.


Your baby's lungs start to develop better but are not yet ripe enough to do it outside of the womb on their own. Your baby is starting to build up a little reserve. His spine is fully developed. He can also respond to outside contact. If you push your belly, he can come to your hand and respond to it. If all goes well, you can now feel your baby move a few times a day.


Your baby can sometimes kick your bladder nicely, so that you will have to urinate more often. If your baby is born now, he has a small chance of survival in a neonatological center. But of course it is better to stay in your stomach for a few more weeks.


If you retain moisture, you take off rings before it stops.
Have a pretecho made.
Treat yourself with comfortable clothing.
Turn the overview off, 'When do you arrange what?'
Arrange the birth announcements and birth announcements.
Good preparation - Write a birth plan

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