Pregnancy calendar - Week 22

How big?

Length± 28.5 cm
Weight± 440 grams
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The circulation is now fully functional. The umbilical cord system is getting longer and thicker because the blood flows through the body with considerable force to feed the fetus.


At the end of the fifth month, a layer of vernix comes over your baby's skin. It protects the sensitive skin against possible damage of the amniotic fluid. Your baby hears many sounds around you, such as your voice, your intestines, your blood circulation, the beating of your heart, but - to a lesser extent - also sounds from your surroundings. Most organs are now mature except for the lungs. These are extra practiced by 'breathing', so that amniotic fluid goes into and out of the lungs. The alveoli open only at the first breath after his birth, but by leaving the amniotic fluid in the lungs, there is already practiced. He now regularly squeezes his fists together and you also want to punch his fists.


Some mothers suffer from insomnia during this period. Beware of lifting heavy things. Keep a maximum of five kilos.


Treat yourself with a new outfit.
Turn the overview off, 'When do you arrange what?'

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