Mamaaa! and Escape from your phone

This time not one but two cute books that we are going to discuss. The one with the title 'Mamaa!' and the other with the title 'Escape from your phone'. Both come from Uitgeverij Witte Leeuw. They are two small books with a very nice price. That makes the booklets suitable as a gift!


This is such a super cute book about all facets of motherhood, that you can make your best friend who has just become a mother, your niece or your neighbor, very happy with it. Precisely because it is all so recognizable! Sweet little drawings of recognizable situations. For example, people sit on your stomach without being asked if you are pregnant, screaming children in the bus, the frustration that all mothers are doing well (appearances are deceiving) or ... Well, make up and it is in this booklet.
Are you tired and frustrated? After reading Mamaaa! you can hit the whole world again!

Escape your phone

Do you sometimes get a little bit of crap from all those bent heads around you? Or maybe you irritate yourself, that you always compulsively pick up that phone. We seem to be addicted to those stupid devices. As if we can no longer miss a pixel. What a foolishness actually. Did you know that an average smart phone user peeps on his screen for about three hours? Three o'clock!! What you can do at that time! No wonder we have almost no time left ... Just look at the news, send an app soon or look for something. In fact, we are always connected to our telephone - you could even speak of an addiction.

In this guide you will find tips, assignments and games for the best offline moments. For yourself or together with friends and family.For example: Step into a store where you have never been. Send a letter or a card. Spot a few birds. Sign up for a free trial lesson.

In short, escape your phone !! You can do it best ...

Specifications Mamaaa!

PublishingWhite lion
AuthorLoes & Elke Kamphuis
IllustratorLoes & Elke Kamphuis
Number of pages64
price5.99 euros

Specifications Escape your phone

TitleEscape your phone
PublishingWhite lion
AuthorStudio Bos
IllustratorStudio Bos
Number of pages64
price5.99 euros

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