Young mothers increasingly opt for: working from home

Your baby is already a few months old now. You had quit your job to take care of your child, but now it starts to tickle a bit. You love your crumb, but there is also an unsatisfied feeling that gnaws at you. Intellectually and creatively you are not challenged by your child, and frankly you can also use a little more money. The gap that the loss of your salary has made in your budget is pretty deep. It would be nice if some extra money would come in, because taking care of your baby will be a big hit in your housekeeping money.
Working outside the door is not an option for you, because you do not want your child to go to the shelter. What then? Would working from home be an option?

Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

More and more mothers choose to work from home, it even seems to be a true trend. That in itself is not surprising, because you have no problems with travel time, determines your own working hours, does not have to appear representative and if your baby wants to breastfeed? Fine, you are close to him after all.

But of course there are not only benefits to working from home. Many mothers still have the feeling of being shut off from the outside world. There are no colleagues to have lunch with and if you look around you, you are still alone.


It also requires a good discipline to execute everything, without pressure, or an employer's incentive, and if you do not work, nothing happens. There is no one who takes over your work if you do not. And then again in addition to taking care of your child, the household and all other (social) obligations. These are a lot of balls that have to be kept up.
Last but not least, it is difficult to end the day with a satisfied feeling. Your work just never feels ready and you always seem to be staring at ...


Set realistic goals

What are your expectations? Assume that it will not always be easy, children are not robots that you can turn on and off. Chances are that your child starts to cry exactly when you have that important customer on the phone. It continues to compromise at all times with your flexibility. Convince yourself that you can not do everything perfectly. That 'good' is also just 'good'.
Be nice to yourself and do not put too high demands on yourself. It is a huge task to combine everything in a good way, accept that you sometimes have to postpone something and also accept that you also need time for relaxation! The bow can not always be tense. Of course the focus is important but not at the expense of yourself!

Plan your work

To prevent as many frustrations as possible, it is best to plan your work well. For example, make important phone calls until the moment your child sleeps, or until the evening hours (if possible).
Even in the evenings you can do a lot of work that you did not manage during the day.

Your partner is still there

Keep on talking to your partner and explain how difficult it can be to combine everything. Maybe he is open to a day with you? He would have a very different view. It is also difficult to estimate how hard it can sometimes be when you do not know what such a heavy day means exactly.

Appreciate the situation

Working from home also has many advantages. Your child does not have to go to childcare, you have all the freedom, you are flexible, you can decide everything yourself, you decide how much you work and when you make those hours. And at the same time, you can also enjoy your child very much and no milestone goes from him, lost to you.

Homework opportunities

Of course there are many possibilities to get started at home. Think of administrative work, an own webshop, tutoring, computer work, telephone work or packing or sorting.
Make sure you choose a reliable partner. Not all sites that homeworkers look for are reliable. It is also important that you never have to pay for home work first. Websites where you first have to buy products or you can only register when you pay, are unreliable.

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