New age children, ADHD and Autism

New age children, ADHD and autism have a special agreement with each other, namely highly developed senses. They are all very aware of external stimuli. One will have a very well developed hearing, the other a strongly developed sense of smell or sometimes several senses that are highly developed. Consciously or unconsciously they have a highly developed 6th sense, which makes their intuition very strong. They feel fine energies that are not felt by many.

Recently I heard from a teacher that children are out of their way at the moment just before a natural disaster or during a natural disaster. They are then inexplicably busy, silent or exhibit inexplicable emotions.

Sensitive to external stimuli

Partly because of their strongly developed senses: smell, sense of touch, feel, taste, hear and see, they are very sensitive to external stimuli and often respond to them in an inexplicable way. One child sees energy fields, auras, the other hears voices or sounds, and yet another feels a very clear sense of energy changes. This is often difficult for the environment that does not know these stimuli because people are not aware of it yet. Research shows that children even get the label schizophrenic glued while there is no illness at all but of a naturally developed sense. I myself was gifted at a young age with very much developed eyesight. I saw energies, orbs, and I enjoyed it. Because of this I was often labeled as a dreamer and I often got a punishment at school because I was not paying attention in class. Partly because of this I blocked this sense and got a pair of glasses at the age of 11. Due to the lack of understanding of my environment, the automatic defense mechanism has occurred and there is a big blockage in my vision.


If children are not understood in their hearing, feeling, seeing, etc., blockages automatically occur and I often hear that from parents who visit my practice with their children. All around, many misunderstandings. There has never been so much ADHD, autism and related disorders as in this time.


Parents have to go to doctors with their child, children have to take medication while it is often not necessary because no physical abnormalities are found. Often a label is stuck because the medical world is not yet open to complementary medicine. Means are prescribed that cause huge disruptions in the child's energy system, causing permanent damage to the development of the child.


I work complementary, so from the regular health care and from the natural medicine Ayurveda. There is the knowledge that everything is energy, that man is energy, the starting point of dealing with complaints. When we look at India, where Ayurveda comes from, we see very few diseases. People live there together with nature. Ayurveda is a way of life and recognized by the World Health Organization but unfortunately not yet integrated into health care.

New time

New age children are the children of the new age, a time of great change in the consciousness of man. They possess unprecedented wisdom because they have highly developed senses and are open to information that they do not receive from their parents or school. Let us not label these children as sick, annoying, difficult, but let them encourage them to share their wisdom with us. Many new-age children are already working in companies, are boulders in their field, come forward in the government, working in complementary health care with great success. They were recognized and encouraged. But there is another side, there are new-age children who were not heard, blocked, under medication and labeled as not accountable. Their future offers few challenges and perspectives.


Let us listen to our children, stimulate them to develop into a loving adult. It is not easy for parents and teachers, but the only way to let these children be who they are. That was the intention of my children's book and in this way I contribute to recognition for the children of the new age.

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