Crayola Washimals

A few days ago we already paid attention to the new Color Wonder line from Crayola, today I started with the Washimals. These are super cute animals, which you can color and then put in the shower to wash completely clean again. Let me not, however, anticipate the bath session, because before you put the pet in the bath, of course you have to be colored first!

What's in the box?

When I open the box, I see no less than four white cute creatures sitting. A poodle, a puppy, a kitten and a rabbit. They are still pure white, that of course requires color! And color is in the box, in the form of 6 markers: green, orange, blue, pink, purple and yellow. In the box you will also find a super cool shower / bath combination (that really works!) And a brush to scrub the animals clean.

What is the purpose?

It is intended that the animal be colored. That goes fine with the included pens, because this allows you to turn the white animals into colorful, almost fairytale-like pets. Has the dog become a colorful collection of colors once? Then it is high time for the bath! Fill the bath with a little water and put your colored pet in the shower. The water can be pumped up with the shower button, so nice! The water then flows over your dog and you immediately see the color of its coat dripping.

Creation after creation

There are several advantages to this concept, for example that you can use the animals again and again to color (and then clean them again), you can also play a story with them, then make the kitten smudgy and you play it played outside in the garden and that it is now time to take a bath! This kitten will undoubtedly sit much quieter under the water jets, than a real pussy will do.

Another additional benefit is: if it flows so easily from the animals, you can fully trust that it can also be easily washed out of your child's clothes. If he does spill or color himself, then there is no problem at all!

So cute

The package looks really super cool. Of course you can also use the bath for all your other miniature animals and dolls. Think for example of the LOL Surprise dolls. They fit well under the shower! The pets are specially made to get wet. You can scrub them clean with the brush, rinse them, let them dry for a while and get back to work again. The set contains color pens with ultra-clean and washable ink, which is nice to know. Other Crayola washable felt pens can also be used to color the animals.

Suitable for?

The set is suitable for children from 3 years. Colors and water is really a super fun and especially attractive combination for children. Certainly know that this will often be played with. Definitely recommended for the coming holidays! Do you find the set too expensive, but do you like the concept? There are also small packages for sale with dogs and cats. In these packages there is no bath or shower, but two sweet white animals, three pens and a brush. Children can simply rinse and clean the animals under the tap. Or take it with you in the bath or when they take a shower. These packages cost 9.99 euros.

Specifications Crayola Washimals

NameCrayola Washimals
price24.95 euros

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