Constellation Libra - The character of your child as Libra

Astrological nameLibra
Period24 September - 24 October
KeywordConnecting life core
Vulnerable body partKidneys, skin

Your Libra child is cute to see with his regular Venus traits. He is naturally well-behaved and will behave in style. You will not often see him screaming with a red head of anger, while his legs and arms kick and hit in all directions.

Your Libra can have some trouble choosing. For example, if you offer him three toys, he may not play with anything. Not because he does not feel like it, but just because he does not know with which toy he will play first. A big dilemma for him. For example, if you were to offer the toys every ten minutes, then your baby is completely happy. So do not give him a choice, because he can not deal with it. However, if you make the choices before him, it will be fine.
When he has to make a decision somewhere, do not rush him. Give him time to think about it. Of course you can help him a bit with the choice, but do it quietly, stay calm and do not put a strong voice. Do you do this, then he is completely upset, he does not know at all anymore and must start thinking again from the beginning ... When you say quietly: "Sander, let's start with your potatoes today.", It goes fine. What he will find even more fun; sing the words for him! That way you reach two birds with one stone. The dilemma has been solved and there is a cozy atmosphere.

Libra stands for balance and wants to see and illuminate all sides of something. They take the time for decisions, but when they make a decision it is final. A Libra hates conflicts and prefers the compromise. They value beauty and can only withstand injustice. They often feel good about what is going on in others.

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