Eating meat or not? # blog19

Eating meat, veganism, vegetarians. Vegetarian meat and vegetable burgers. You are thrown with it just about. The food wars are massively fought out, in every place where fanatical vegans see their chance but clean, they go to battle against the animal suffering. Fanatical and debatable about the way in which.
Years ago I stood by for the first time. Then all of this did not even exist like that, but I already imagined myself how hypocritical we actually are as a human being. Fascinating with our love of animals, yet eating a large piece of meat every day. I could not fit that.

No good meat substitute products

I struggled with it for a while, but letting the meat stand was nothing. Especially in those days you did not have good meat substitute products. They are there now, but we are intolerant of soy and dairy products and almost all of these products contain soy or dairy products. That makes us sick again, so that is not an option.
What I found important when my children grew up was that they became aware of what they ate. Awareness! Parents regularly take their children to the petting zoo and so did we. Fun at the weekend with good weather, stroking kids, feeding chickens and so on. Love those chickens, but in the evening they are back on your plate and I wish they knew that. That's why I said that to them too: "Look, what a nice chicken chicken is there." Or a chicken leg, or chicken soup. The children looked at me in amazement. It did not yet come right through to them. At home at dinner I told them that we ate those animals that we had just stroked and fed so lovingly.

No judgment

Furthermore, I left no judgment on whether I thought it was good or bad. They were allowed to decide for themselves and the outcome is very special and also a bit funny. One did not want to eat meat anymore and the other wanted to eat everything she loved. So just watch out. So one made the association "It is pathetic" and the other made the association "It is sweet, so also edible and tasty."


Two completely different outcomes, while they got exactly the same information. Information without my personal opinion, because I want them to form their own opinion. Awareness, that's what it was about. They must know that a pack of milk does not grow on the trees or is made in a factory and they must know that their hamburger has been a nice living creature. Then they themselves started to think deeply about the origin of other animal products and so the hilarious remark arose that they made chocolate custard from that cow pie! We will never forget that.

Think for yourself

What I wanted to achieve had worked. That they started to think about it themselves, so that they also start thinking about how much meat they eat and whether it is necessary.
The origin of eating meat and the use of eggs and milk, of course, is of a totally different order than what it has become today. Mainly the mass production I see as the cause of many abuses. The mass production causes a lot of animal suffering and animals that suddenly become crappy 'by-products' instead of fully-fledged living creatures. Do we want that? Oh no?!

Still, stopping meat is 'still' a bridge too far. In connection with our food intolerance, but also in connection with the poor quality of vegetables and fruit that can be obtained. As long as there is no taste, you do not take that too quickly. Also the result of the many breeding, mass production.

Less meat

We focus on eating less meat and the money we leave with that, we spend on animal-friendly meat to give a signal to the industry. You have to treat your animals well. Furthermore, I suspect that within a few years we will be stuck to the in vitro meat and the next generation of children will no longer understand that we have ever killed animals for their meat, because from the fantastically simple mindset of the children's brain they will reason : "Why would you kill animals for it, if you can grow it in the factory?"

What I did not want my children to think, namely that animal products come from a factory, will soon be a reality.

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