Zodiac sign Aries - The character of your child as Aries

Astrological nameAries
Period21 March - 21 April
KeywordTapered life core
Vulnerable body partHead

Aries is a fire sign, full of enthusiasm and always in the back. The Ram child is the boss and he likes to make things clear. If he does not like something, he spits it out right away or - even worse - his food plate with a nice bow drops from his chair.
Your Ram child is a quick learner and he will probably learn to walk and talk faster than other children.

A Ram child is typically a child who likes to be busy, rather overactive than bored. He does not like authority. The word "No" will be the starting signal for him, to show that he does not agree with this. When raising a Ram child, 'Discipline' will have to be at the top of the priority list. If not, there is one boss in the house and you certainly are not. Do not just say 'No', just explain why you say this. A Ramkindje has more accidents than other children. He looks like a magnet that draws everything that is dangerous to him and it can not fail that things often go wrong. With him you have to pay even more attention with lying dangerous objects, because it is guaranteed that he will get started.

Older ram-children are usually warm, spontaneous and affectionate, but patience is not his strongest quality. In addition, he can also be very unreasonable if he does not get his way. Luckily he does not keep long mugs and he walks around quickly with a big smile around his lips.
The Rampeuter may well share his toys, but if something does not go as he wants, you can expect an explosion.

Rams are born leaders. They are understanding and brave and do not like to follow orders. But they can give them well themselves. An Aries is self-assured but also self-centered. They are quick-witted and optimistic. Tender feelings and rational objections are vigorously suppressed, the Ram usually starts too early but full of enthusiasm, often to pass over his goal.

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