Mouthguard Challenge Family Edition

You've probably heard of 'Mouthguard Challenge', the game where everything revolves around 'daring to stand out'. In this game you have to complete with a mouth clamp in all kinds of assignments.
On social media, the game became an absolute hype and even in talk shows, table guests were challenged to play this game live on TV.
Identity Games now comes with a special 'Family edition'. The same game but for the whole family.

What's different about the family edition

For example, the assignments. This game contains 200 assignments that are well suited for the whole family. But there is more, because in this game there are six mouth clamps, three big and three smaller ones, so children from 8 years old can play along! And that will be fun for the whole family!

What kind of assignments do you have to think about

No idea what to expect? Well pay attention, we do just a few of the many assignments:

Say the song "Pussy Mauw" while someone is filming you. Watch the video back to the end without laughing.

Put your finger in the peanut butter and lick your finger completely clean within 10 seconds.

Put both an apple for you on the table. The player who can lift the apple first by only using his teeth wins.

Pretend to be yawning (without using your hands) and ask, "What am I doing?" The player who guesses the answer wins. You and this player both get the points.

The objective of the game

The assignments contain various points that can be earned. If an assignment is executed correctly, you win the points. The one who has the most points after four rounds of play is the winner!

Different types of assignments

The order cards are available in different colors:

Red: Challenge another player
Green: Perform the assignment on your own
Yellow: Perform the assignment together
Blue: Reading a sentence and someone has to guess it (both get the points)
Orange: Name the words on the card
Purple: Dictation & Multiple choice

What's in the box?

49 instruction cards
6 rematch cards
game rules
3 large blue mouth clamps
3 small red mouth clamps

My opinion

Never before did I have a mouth clip in my mouth. It is not really nice, but that is not what it is about. You are happy again when he can go out for several reasons. It does not feel good, it is absolutely not charming and you will drool. But it is funny. Especially for those who look at you. Difficult, by the way, because that mouth clip makes the tasks really spicy.

I do miss a die with six different colors, so the color of your card is determined by the die or if necessary a color turntable. According to the rules you just pull the top card, but with a dice I would have liked it a bit more fun, because now you can see in advance which card you are going to draw.

Nice that there is now also an edition for the smaller mouths.

Specifications Mouthguard Challenge Family Edition

TitleMouthguard Challenge Family Edition
BrandIdentity Games
price- euro

Identity Games

Identity Games is a Dutch games company. They have been inventing, producing and selling board games for more than 20 years. As makers, they understand better than anyone what requirements are set for a board game. And that is reflected in their products. Identity Games among others known from the I Love Holland board game, The Voice of Holland Singing & Coach game, Birthday game, Boys against the Girls board game, Mees Kees board game, Miffy Hide and tear and Facts quartets.


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