Smoking in the car with children: do you do it?

By 2018 we all know that smoking is bad for us. Anyone who regularly pokes a sting can later on wet his or her breast for lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and COPD. The vast majority of restaurants, cafés and company canteens are non-smoking and smoking is no longer permitted on more and more terraces. Smokers often feel treated like pariahs. Let alone when you are pregnant and smoking. Or smokes in the presence of small children. For example in the car. This is already prohibited in countries such as France, Ireland and Australia. Earlier this year the discussion broke loose in our own country. Smoking in a car with children in it: who does that?

Also in the presence of her daughter

Maria (37) admits regularly to light a cigarette in the car. Yes, even when her ten-year-old daughter is sitting in the passenger seat.
"I do not understand the commotion so well," says the welfare mother. "I've been without work for four years, I'm a single mother. When I take my daughter to school in the morning, 10 kilometers away, I just want to smoke my cigarette. I already have enough on my mind and I have a lot of stress. Just give me my cigarette. Does the government also want to deprive me of that? "

When I ask Maria if she is not afraid of the health consequences of her daughter's passive smoking in the longer term, she certainly answers: "No, I do not really believe that. They make it all worse than it is. All scare, and pay the citizen. "

No patronizing

Sylvia (53, GP) states differently. "And not just from my profession," she laughs aloud. "I smoke too. Yes, despite of how bad it can be for my health in the longer term. But expose my sons of 9 and 13 to my cigarette smoke? Never. I know that second-hand smoke is almost as harmful as smoking. In fact, I do not smoke at all when the boys see it. Example follows. Or do I think there should be a fine on smoking in a car full of children? No. I think that is a tendency towards patronizing. I think there is still a lot to be gained in the field of information. Let's focus on that. "

Fines and care notification

Cathelijne (32, journalist) is for distributing fines to parents who pick up a cigarette in a car full of kids. "A fine, and a notification of care at Bureau Jeugdzorg. That is what I think there should be smoking in the car in the presence of children. Because if you can not or do not want to protect your children from harmful cigarette smoke, what else are you unable to do as a parent? "

Make your own choices

Sylvia thinks that goes very far. "Fortunately, we do not live in a dictatorship and can make our own choices. Yes, even if those choices are bad for ourselves or our children. Whether it is wise, I do not care about that. But in principle everyone has to have that freedom. I think that a concern report from government agencies is really going too far. As I said, let's invest time and money in educating parents and children. "

I know how bad it is ...

Kate (30, communications officer) is a mother of 2 children and sometimes lights a cigarette in the car. Yes, with the children there. "And you know, I'm not happy about that myself. When I tried to become pregnant, I stopped smoking. After the birth, the first thing I did was to pick up one again. And that while I had planned that I would never become such a mother who would smoke behind the pram. Or in the car, for that matter. And I am still better educated. Would education help me? No, no, I know how bad it is. Also for the kids. They are 4 and 2, what do they have to choose? I am too weak to do what is right. If there was a big fine on it, I might think twice before I put one in the car. Yes, I am for it. Come on with that fine! "

And what do you think? Do you think that smoking should be allowed in the car? Is it your own choice? Or should this be dealt with heavily?

Video: 82 percent of adults support banning smoking when kids are in the car

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