Parenting as it is

Are you crazy about your offspring? I also hear, but not always. Do you have any idea how often I should listen to the stories of Pokémon? In the amount of evolution they are now with names that I break my tongue three times and they still do not speak well. Not because I could not, but simply because it does not interest me. A few years ago it was dinosaurs with complicated Latin names. That was still somewhat interesting, because history and stuff. But what do I have about Pokémon knowledge? Really he-le-times-nothing.

Good soul

I am the politeness phase and 'Oh, I really hurt his delicate soul' phase. Nowadays I just say to Rocco: 'Rocco, I do not want to hear it. It does not interest me at all what these Pokémons do. Or do not. I also do not want to bitch with you, because I'm losing. " Sometimes I add: 'But I love you'. What I really mean. I even love my son very much. But that does not mean that I always like what he does or says or does not do. 'Rocco clean up those bags once!' If I almost broke my neck for the umpteenth time ...

Ugly armand ever

Luckily I finished the phase in which he proudly made a bracelet of rubber bands for me. And then of course with all the colors from the box, because that made the bracelet so nice and cheerful. Then I walked for weeks again to show 'how happy I was with it'. The funny thing was, when I went to check out I saw a lot of mothers walking around with those loom rubber bands, including the pitying looks at each other. "Oh you too? Yes, do not say anything. " Secretly I was actually quite proud of the bracelet he had made for me. Even though he did not look and he did not match any clothing item. I still have it. In a box.

Perfection does not exist, so it does

The perfect parent does not exist and if he exists then I am not him. Still, Rocco loves me - even though he claims the opposite during his hormonal puberty - and I love Rocco. Even if I just do not hear him, I still love him. Perfection is not hidden in never getting angry, never being irritated or always freeing time for him. Perfection is hidden in the moments when you have to be there and there. Perfection is hidden in the feeling of safety and love. If you become a father or a mother, you will still remain yourself. You get a title, but that does not mean that you only get that title ...

Open and honest

This book talks openly and honestly about parenting, with a delicious sarcastic smile. I love it. In the booklet you do not find a pink cloud, but I'm sure you will find a lot of recognition. You are really not the only one and even though the sarcasm sometimes flies off the pages, between the words you will also find a lot of love. Just like you, you, you and me. I think the book is a refreshing topper! Something like in 'fun-fun-nicest'.

Specifications Parenting as it is

TitleParenting as it is
PublishingDeltas / Chantecler
AuthorKatie Kirby
Number of pages368
price16.95 euros

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