Little Live Bizzy Bubs Kitty

There are no less than six different über-studded Bizzy Bubs. Recently we discussed Fleur, the current Bizzy Bub. Today we celebrate the birth of Kitty. A sweet crawling baby. But whether you have Kitty, Fleur, Snowflake or Luxy, they are all very cute! And they are all just a bit different.

I'm Kitty

At a birth, rusk hears with mice! So of course we celebrate the arrival of Kitty extensively with rusks and mice and the necessary decorations. You do not become a mother every day (dolls)! Kitty is an adamorable crawling Bizzy Bub. She wriggles and giggles and you can not help but laugh at her.

Life is a party!

For Kitty, life is one big party! She laughs at life and of course we like to party with her. Everything is new for this little giggle and Kitty sees the world as one big playground! Do you see her crawling over the biscuits? She loves it all!

Button in the diaper

If you turn on the button on her belly - it just seems like her turn - Kitty is stand-by to come to life. All you have to do then is to press the safety pin on her diaper. You hear Kitty make sounds right away, so cute. Afterwards she rocks a few times with her ass and she crawls into the adventure!

Oh dear! Beware of a doll mother!

Do not lose sight of the little girl, because before you know it she has crept into the wide world! And of course she still needs your care! Fortunately, a bottle is supplied, so you can give her a bottle of milk. While drinking you can hear cute slurp noises and as soon as you take the bottle out of her mouth, you hear a stinkie fly from her buttocks! Oh oh!

Laugh with Kitty

Kitty is a real smiley face by nature, but if you press the safety pin three times quickly, she starts laughing much more loudly!
Bizzy Bub consists of a whole doll family of six different girls. Every lady has her own character.

Chance Kitty!

Six different Little Live Bizzy Bubs are for sale! Every Bizzy Bub has its own character. To celebrate the birth, we will also raffle one! Take a look at our visitor promotions for the conditions! We raffle Kitty, but would you rather have a chance to win another Bizzy Bub? Take a look at Gaafvoorkinderen, Meisje Eigenwijsje,,,, or Trotsemoeders, they also celebrate! Maybe you can win a Fleur or a Gracie!

These are the different Bizzy Bubs:

FleurLittle shy girl with big plans. She walks.
Snowflake Adventurous and dare to seek out the boundaries. She walks.
Luxy A self-confident princess who loves beautiful things. She crawls.
Kitty A giggly smiley laugh that likes to discover the world. She crawls.
Gracie An energetic, hopping girl who dances through life. She jumps.
Sorbetty A cute naughty girl who is also very stubborn. She plays kiek-boe.

Specifications Little Live Bizzy Bubs Kitt

TitleLittle Live Bizzy Bubs Kitt
BrandLittle Live Pets
price12.95 euros

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