Nintendo LABO - Vehicle package

Yes! There is again a new Nintendo LABO edition! This time you can build all kinds of different vehicles. The box is again full of cardboard building plates to make various creations. So you can now build a car, a submarine (fat!), Airplane, pedal and two keys. The keys must be used to start the vehicles! How fat is that!

Expansion packages

We have discussed packages from Nintendo LABO before. Of course, it was obvious that expansion packages would be made. The concept is too fun not to do that. And this package with all those vehicles is a nice addition to the existing creations. With the supplied cardboard and some tinkering time, you can transform the toy-con into a submarine or car.

Same concept

The concept is no different from the previous packages. With the cardboard you build the creation and you are very creative you can decorate, stick and color the cardboard. Is the construction finished? Then the big discovery and play begins. Because what can you do with it? Maybe you can even discover new possibilities? Because if you understand the principle, much more is possible.

What makes it so fun?

Everything is fun, but some parts in this package are very nice. Take for example the accelerator! Who did not wait for that? With a minigame where you have to drive as fast as possible over a circuit. The pedal works the way it works in a real car, so the deeper you press it, the faster you tear across the track. Do you want it all in style? Then build the steering wheel and do not forget the key to start 'the car'.

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Pros and cons

If you do not like crafts, it's better not to start at Nintendo LABO, because that's where a lot of fun lies. You have to like to build the creations and bring them to life. The more you make, the more games you can play and that makes it attractive to keep building up to and including the last cardboard board. The creations look absolutely bold and you can of course make them a lot of fun by decorating them with felts, paints, washi tape or stickers.


A disadvantage, of course, is the material. It is absolutely very sturdy cardboard, but it remains cardboard, of course, and that is vulnerable. For example, if it gets wet or if you have not been able to release it properly and are damaged as a result.

Where do you leave it?

Another disadvantage is the volume. When the construction work is finished they also have to get a spot in the (house) room and that will be a nice challenge. Because where do you eventually leave everything? Fortunately, we have a large (play) attic, but if you have a smaller home, this can become a problem - especially if you have several packages.

Toys of the year

But apart from the clean-up dilemma - which children do not like at all - this expansion package is especially fun. It is not surprising that Nintendo LABO is nominated for the Toy of the year election 2018. Are you so enthusiastic? Then you can vote here!

Specifications Nintendo LABO - Vehicle package

NameNintendo LABO - Vehicle package
BrandNintendo LABO
price69.99 euros

Video: First Look at Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con 3: Vehicle Kit

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