Pregnancy calendar - Week 40

How big?

Length± 50 cm
Weight± 3400 grams
Information about the photo
People have an extremely large head compared to their bodies. In order to force the baby through the pelvic cavity, the bones of the mother must first separate. The first time is always the hardest.


He can now be born every moment. Your baby will secrete the hormone cortisol at a given moment and that will trigger the contractions. About 80% of babies are born within 10 days of the due date. However, only 5% are born on that date itself.


Try to find some distraction to make the waiting more bearable. If you are being treated by a midwife, you will probably be referred to a hospital for a CTG from week 42 to see how your baby is doing. Possibly it can be decided to suffer the delivery. After week 42 you can no longer give birth at home.
Do you have a suitcase ready for when you have to go to the hospital? And made a list of important phone numbers?


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