My wooden watch from Greenwatch: Sometimes you have to tickle yourself

On average I work about 10 hours a day. I get up early, work from home so I can start working immediately after showering and breakfast and then I work until about six o'clock and then start eating at the same time, because the men are hungry by then. Somewhere in the afternoon I have a fifteen minute break to quickly put lunch in and the rest of the time I am working. It seems like a punishment camp here. If I were to work for an employer, I would absolutely come to protest, because these are, of course, inhumane working hours. And the salary is absolutely not compensatory enough. But yes, I really like my work, so I really do not complain. Besides, I would not listen to that lamentation of myself anyway.


Precisely because I work so hard I find that sometimes I can spoil myself extra. In this case with a pampering in the form of a nice gadget, a piece of jewelry. Something that I can look at during the hard work. Something that makes me happy. Do you ever do that? Tickling yourself sometimes? Nothing wrong with it.


This time I had my eye on a watch. Not just a watch but a watch made of wood. Actually, wooden watches are not that new at all. I can still remember that about 27 years ago I worked as Assistant General Manager and we already had wooden watches as business gifts. However, they were not as beautiful as the wooden watches of today. When I surf the Greenwatch site, I am immediately sold when I see this Gold Lady (€ 67.50) made from ebony. I love ebony. I have two wooden chairs from Mackintosch (my pride) made of ebony. The advantage of this type of wood is that it is so light. It is much less heavy than other types of wood. Perfect material for a watch and also suitable for people with skin allergies.


The watch is also eco friendly, so I do not only enjoy myself, but also the environment. Now I hear you thinking, but do they have to cut a tree for that watch? Yes that's right! But Greenwatch plans a tree for every watch sold. And do you have any idea how many watches can be removed from one tree ... Right. That's a lot of trees back for that one tree.
Did you know that they also have matching sunglasses? Maybe I'll treat myself to that next time ...


Of course these watches are also perfectly suited to give as a gift. You can even have them engraved. Of course I did not let that happen to myself, because why should I choose this? But if you give the clock to someone, that is of course a nice idea!

And am I satisfied?

Yes, I think the watch is beautiful and I am not the only one. As soon as I have the watch, the men hang around me like vultures. They all want the watch! Yes I understand that. But gentlemen, I happened to have ordered this for myself! This was my pampering moment and not yours. You will be spoiled again tonight if I have cooked deliciously and healthily for you.

And the service

The service was also excellent. There are three extra links at the watch (so you can make the strap bigger) and a small key (to get this done) but there was one broken link. That can always happen, but I do not have those thin wrists, so I really needed that extra switch. I have contacted them directly. You can do this via email or via Whatsapp. I have chosen the latter. The same day I had the promise that a completely new set of links would be sent. So not one, but three! Top!

Video: Adjusting your Lumbr wooden watch band

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