Time for yourself - much needed relaxation

Working, inside or outside the door, caring for a baby or toddler, perhaps even for several children, your partner, maintaining social contacts and then also keeping up with the household. There is little time left for yourself to relax. Yet it is important to take that time for yourself, even to demand it. The bow can not always be tense. Naturally, this applies to both women and men. And when you are relaxed, it really makes you a nicer mother or father.

Attention to yourself

Just pay attention to yourself and you can take a break, because no matter how nice and sweet your baby or toddler can be, it remains a challenge to get ready for him every day. He asks a lot of attention and the more rested you are, the better (and more patient) you can take care of him.
From two years your toddler can go to a playgroup. Those few mornings give you at least some more freedom to spend some time on yourself. Take the rest and enjoy the freedom.

Do not feel guilty

Until that time, or if you can not benefit from this time because you are working yourself, it is important to have some free time for yourself to relax.
Do not feel guilty or selfish if you want to build that time for yourself. Discuss it with your partner, maybe he (or she) also needs it. Then plan both a moment in the week, which you can fill in freely. Because the better you feel comfortable in yourself, the better you can absorb everything.

Better equipped than quenched

You are certainly not the only one who finds it difficult to relax regularly. Many mothers feel tired, irritable or even angry, but find it difficult to break through this feeling. Attention is often paid to the child and we feel guilty when we take a moment for ourselves. Yet it is very important and we do not have any guilt. You can only be really nice to your kids if you are nice to yourself. Equipped you can really be a nicer mother than quenched ...

Tips to relax

Set priorities

Take a critical look at your tasks. Are all those tasks really that important? Or can it also all go well with a little less?

No guilt

Walking around with guilt really does not solve anything. It is better to acknowledge if you have done something wrong or have been unwise. There is no point in denying it, you can better take your learning moment out to prevent it from happening more often. Then you can let it go. Walking around with it only gives tension and nobody gets better from it.

Take your moment

Take your moment, even if it's only a few minutes. Make sure you are as comfortable as possible (or sitting) and take a conscious breath. You do not have to take a different breath, it's more about the awareness of breathing in and out. See how your belly and chest move. Try not to think about anything else. Every time your thoughts wander, bring them back to the breath. If you can sustain this for a few minutes, you will be able to give it a lot of rest.

New hobby

Try out a new hobby. A hobby with which you can relax, but which can also be easily put away for when your child needs your attention again. For example, you now have those fun coloring books for adults. You may think it sounds very jittery, but chances are you will get a lot of relaxation out of it.

Feel good Color

Colors are stress-relieving and such a coloring book is also easy to put away. Personally, I think this coloring book by Deltas 'Feel good Color' (10.95 euros) is an absolute must.
You do not have to think about it while you are coloring and a beautiful whole automatically arises, although it is not even about the end result. Doing is much more important in this case. If you do not like this, then I do not know anymore ... The paper is suitable for both crayons and markers. Just relax.

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