Green soaps & sopjes

I'm not so fond of brushing and removing stains. My ex is happy. Well you might think: 'But if it is your ex, then you have nothing more?' Anyway. Because 5 days a week we live together all together. So my son, my ex, my new partner and me. Now I see your eyebrows frowning again, but take it from me that it is generally quite nice here and that there are rarely quarrels or exchanges of words. That's another way to do it. But now back to the spots and other smuddles.

Leo solves it

If someone has a stain here in this house, the first thing that is said is: 'Oh, Leo gets it (my ex). Or 'Oh, Leo will get that right again', if another pan is caked. And honestly, that's also true. Unless it is really dramatic, it can happen that Leo himself has problems with it. Fortunately, this is rare and Leo usually just dissolves it.

Greener cleaning

We do not use really bad chemicals during cleaning, but that cleaning can be a bit greener, I think so. And that is so nice about this book. This booklet contains all examples of cleaning agents without chemical additives. With the help of a few basic ingredients you can now make natural cleaning products yourself. Think for example of glass cleaner of lemon juice, vinegar and corn meal or air freshener of distilled water with essential oils. With this booklet in my hand, I could almost take over the task of Leo ...

Nice to make

... but of course I do not. Because this book makes cleaning and stain removal a lot greener and healthier, but of course not even more fun. What I like again is to make these soaps and suds, so that it is all a bit healthier. If I look at the list of ingredients, it is not really crazy things. I mention a few: natural vinegar, baking soda, fine soda, lemon (juice), salt, and cerera. Most of the products are already in the closet. Maybe you should only buy some alcohol (vodka is also fine), a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, borax, marseille soap and some aloe vera gel. But then you can also go all the way!

Essential oils

Do you want the suds to smell nice too? Then you can always mix a few drops of essential oil through it. It does not have to, but of course it gives a nice scent while brushing. Incidentally, some essential oils also have a certain effect, such as killing fungi, they are insect world or deodorizing! In this booklet you can read all about it!

Even though I do not like brushing and scrubbing, I'm happy with this book. Green soaps & suds are full of tips and good (environmentally friendly) recipes for your cleaning products. Not only much healthier and maybe even better, but also very nice to make! Funny by the way that the author of this book is called Fern GREEN ...

Specifications Green soaps & suds

TitleGreen soaps & sopjes
PublishingBecht publisher
AuthorFern Green
Number of pages160
price12.99 euros

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